YoYaFe PS5 Controller Charger, Dual USB Type C Charging Station for Playstation 5, IC Protection, Fast Charging, Two Dualsense Charging Station for Playstation 5, PS5 Charging Dock - White
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Product Description

Brand: YoYaFe


  • ♚【Stylish Design】 - The YoYaFe PS5 controller charging stand adopts the Type-C plug-in port design, it can quickly and easily charge the two controllers so that they can be used at any time. Our Charging Station is very convenient to carry
  • ♚【IC Protection】 - Our PS5 controller charging stand is built-in Protection Safe Chip, your controller can be protected from damaging when Charging
  • ♚【Fast Charging】- Our PS5 controller charger Station can fast-charge both of the 2 controllers at the same time. Full charge in three hours can save you more time. No need to worry about having no enough battery to play games
  • ♚【Plug and Play】- You can connect your PS5 controller to the Type-C USB port on our charger station for safe charging without connecting them to the PS5 Device
  • ♚【Package Include】- PS5 Controller Dual Charging Station DOck x1, USB Type-C Charging Cable; Note: PS5 Controller is not included.

Details: Features: ♚1.Intelligent micro control technology is applied to the circuit management to achieve high-efficiency conversion charging; ♚2. It can charge Dual PS5 controllers at the same time; ♚3. Use USB Type-C plug-in connector for charging, which is easy to be inserted in or pulled out from charging; ♚4. Nice Design and convenient to carry; ♚5. Low standby power consumption, power-saving and environmental protection; ♚6. The built-in protection chip provides the safe Charging for your controller. Instruction of Charging: ✔ Our Charger Station Provides 5V 2A Output, and 5V 550ma per Type-C Charging Connector ✔ 2 hours will be needed from 0-100 when charging Pay Attention: ☁1. Charger should be over 5V 2A. If the power of power supply is insufficient, the charging indicator may flash without charging, in which case the power supply with larger power should be used. ☁2. When the charge level of the controller reaches 80% or over more, then you remove the controller and then re-plug it in, the controller may not be charged due to the battery protection function; you can continue to charge only after the battery level of the controller is below 80% again. ☁3. If the power adater is less than 5V 2A, the charging of the controller may be failed due to insufficient power of supply when 2pcs PS5 controllers are being charged simultaneously, thus the power adapter with larger power should be needed. What's in the box? 1x Charging Stand 1x 1m USB Type-C Charging Cable

EAN: 0768297138287

Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches