Wooden Standing Desk | Adjustable Height | Minimalist Sit Stand Desk 31” | Perfect for Your Home Office | Ergonomic Design for Back Pain Relief - Cyburthur Stores - Dr. Moran's
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Product Description

Brand: Dr. Moran's


  • ERGONOMIC – Are you having back or neck pain? Our standing desk allows you to simply adjust your laptop or monitor stand to the perfect eye level with minimal effort. Placed over your desk or anywhere really, you can easily adjust to the perfect position all day. A lower shelf for your keyboard gives you even better posture and helps prevent back pain as well as neck strain.
  • SIT STAND DESK – Are you not moving enough throughout the day? This standing desk is easily portable and turns any room into a sitting or standing workstation. Standing & walking once in a while promotes concentration and may even improve glucose, insulin levels and blood pressure in the long term.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - No screws needed – It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble. Absolutely no screws are involved, just slide the parts in, it’s that easy. All edges are rounded and smooth for safe handling. All boards can be easily removed, flat-packed for easy storage and re-assembled within minutes. Our design specifically makes the desk sturdy, especially at the base. An easy to follow assembly manual is included.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – This desk’s height is 31 inches and features 10 levels of height adjustment so you can place your laptop and/or monitor at your desired level while working to prevent back and neck strain. All boards can be easily removed and adjusted on all levels. Because you can place it anywhere, elevated or simply on the floor, it caters to various heights and needs.
  • DESIGN FUNCTIONALITY – 3 boards of different sizes are included: small, medium and large. They are versatile as you can insert or remove them on any levels according to your needs. As an extra there are two sets of hooks for even more functionality. One set of hooks that can be inserted to hold a phone or tablet PLUS an extra set of hooks that can be attached to any board to hold your headphones. All boards have been tested to sustain a weight of at least 13 lbs.

Details: Elevate your work from home zone with our sustainable wooden standing desk. Designed to make the most of small spaces, this sit and stand desk can be placed anywhere whether in your living room or simply in your office standing on a table. It is ergonomic as it promotes good posture that is essential to prevent neck and back pain. We often forget to move our body during the day. Our standing desk allows the opportunity to just sit or stand whenever it is needed. Set an alarm, stand and adjust your ideal ergonomic desk setting with minimal effort and yet health benefits. Made of natural non-toxic plywood, it's sturdier than bamboo and can hold both laptop and monitors up to 6 kg. Height adjustable with 10 different levels and 3 difference sized boards, the layout is interchangeable and convertible to fit all your needs. The design makes it easily portable and sturdy so you can place it anywhere in your home. The minimalist ladder desk design and neutral colour blend easily within your home. It comes with 2 extra standing desk accessories to hold your headphones as well your phone or tablet. Ideal for micro living as it arrives in a flat-pack and is ready to assemble. It can even be multifunctional. Why not use it as a night table? All boards and small parts are easily removable and can be flat-packed for easy storage and re-assembled within minutes. Dimensions when assembled: Without boards: 30.70”H x 14.17”W x 15.35”L - (78*36*39cm) With the largest board: 30.70”H x 27.56”W x 22.44”L - (78*70*57cm) Board dimensions: Small: 9.84” x 5.90” - (25*15 cm) Medium: 13.77” x 9.44” - (35*24 cm) Large: 27.55” x 9.44” - (70*24 cm) Package dimensions: 36.61”H x 16.53”W x 3.9”L - (93*42*10 cm) Weight when fully assembled: 13.3 lbs - (6.05kg) Carton Weight: 18.52 lbs - (8.4kg)

Package Dimensions: 36.4 x 16.6 x 4.3 inches