Wlkq Wappen-07 Embroidered Patch Accessories Assorted Size DIY Patches Sew On/Iron On Patches Applique for Jackets Jeans Pants Backpacks Clothes 42Pcs (Wappen-07-42Pcs)
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Product Description

Brand: Wlkq

Color: Wappen-07-42Pcs


  • Fulfiled by Amazon ;
  • DIY Craft:Iron on Jackets, Shirt, Backpack, Pants,Jeans;
  • Read product description "how to use" guide carefully to make sure you get the skill to iron a patch on clothing easily;
  • NOTICE: Cloth stickers that can be ironed are recommended to be more firmly sewn by hand after ironing!
  • After service: Please contact us first if there is any question. We will solve your problem quickly and effectively

Details: Cloth stickers that can be ironed are recommended to be more firmly sewn by hand after ironing! [Application Method of Cloth Paste Ironing] Generally, the area is not large and the thickness is about 0.1cm. The fabric has a wide application range and is easy to use. 1. Keep the back clean before ironing, and adjust the temperature to a temperature suitable for clothes according to the use method of the iron. 2. Place the cloth in the desired position (don't tear off the glue) and press it back and forth for a few times, usually about 10 seconds 3. In order to prevent scalding, a layer of thin cotton cloth can be put on the cloth patch (it must be cotton, not faded cloth). After ironing, check the edges to see if they are well ironed, and iron the edges a few times more. 4. Temperature: A bit thick, must be higher temperature, hot a little longer time. For a particularly thick cloth patch, you can burn the back a few more times. 5. Pay special attention: For cloth stickers with sequins or bright surface (since sequins are plastic products), be sure to pad a layer of cloth and iron it at low temperature (below 130℃), or directly use steam iron. Or put a layer of wet cloth on it. In order to avoid melting of plastic sheets caused by too high a temperature. 6. SUGGESTION: After ironing, use a needle and thread to sew a few stitches on the side of the cloth to make it stronger and more comfortable. 7. If you don't have an iron in your home, you can also use the same color thread to sew the cloth on your clothes directly.

EAN: 0757277972393

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches

Binding: Office Product