Vivora Niko - Sitting Ball Chair for Office and Home, Lightweight Self-Standing Ergonomic Posture Activating Exercise Ball Solution with Handle & Cover, Classroom & Yoga - Cyburthur Stores - Vivora
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Product Description

Brand: Vivora

Color: Panda Bear


  • The Original Active Sitting Ball Chair Solution for use at home in the living room, office, classroom, or the gym. Suburb complimentary ergonomic alternative sitting solution for desk sitting and standing desk
  • Niko sitting balls provide a fidget sitting surface which benefits people with ADD or ADHD, as it provides an outlet for restlessness, anxiety and hyperactivity, which may improve ADHD symptoms
  • Excellent substitute for pregnancy birthing ball or Medicine ball Perfect for exercise, yoga, workout, therapy, and physioball balance training routines, also promotes flexible joints for healthy lifestyle
  • Patented Self-Standing base design and extra thick carry handles makes Niko the perfect combination of a swiss fitball and office chair
  • NOTE: Some effort needed for set-up – use included pump or an inflation tool to inflate inner sitting ball (45cm or 55cm) until outer cover is completely filled – Spare plugs and bike pump adapter included. Please contact Vivora if assistance is needed

Details: Niko is a cleverly designed, inflatable, active sitting companion with character that everyone should try! Niko is different than other sitting balls because its rigid spherical case provides a solid yet comfortable sitting base that helps you get your wiggles out while you sit so you can concentrate on what's in front of you - fidgeting, bouncing, and rocking is encouraged! Niko frees the user from a traditional, sedentary seating experience and allows for all kinds of natural body movements and adjustments so that the user engages their core and leg muscles. This way you can expend some physical energy while staying mentally focused! Niko is a breeze to set up and comes with everything included in the box. Just insert and inflate the inner ball with the provided pump, insert the included air plug, and start enjoying your new seating companion! Since Niko is extremely lightweight and thanks to it's adorable ear handles, Niko is always up for a trip to a friend's house or wherever else you want to bring your chair buddy! Despite it weighing less than four pounds, Niko's self-standing case keeps it from rolling away when you're not using it! Even on slick surfaces, Niko is at home with its clever, built-in, non-slip base. When the work gets tough and the play gets messy, worry not - Niko's fine felt case is easily removable and machine washable! When the work gets tough and the play gets messy, Niko's fine felt case gets clean in a jiffy! Don't fret about which size: Niko comes in two different sizes, 45cm and 55cm, and can fit anyone from 3'8" and up! See our sizing chart below for the right fit.

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 8.7 x 6.3 inches

Binding: Kitchen