Under Desk Foot Rest-Adjustable Height, Massage Textured Surface, Teardrop Curved Design Foam Office Footrests,Help for Blood Circulation of Legs at Home, Office,to Relieve Lumbar, Back, Knee Pain - Cyburthur Stores - eletecpro
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Product Description

Brand: eletecpro


  • Multi-Use Foot Rest - You can use this footrest at your desk to elevate legs/knees which alleviates leg and back pain. If you have to sit for long periods of time also can use it upside down to rock feet which helps to exercise your calves & ankle this way. While placing the foot rest in the lower back area can help with posture at the computer which also helps with back pain.
  • Ergonomic Teardrop Design - This foot rest can keep your feet and lower legs comfortable while working at desk for long hours. It helps maintain a better posture as well.The ergonomic design aids in blood flow and circulation by relieving pressure on the legs and feet.
  • Machine Washable Cover -The soft crystal velvet cover is removable, unzip gently and toss in Machine, then you are good to go. It's machine washable and dryer safe on low heat.So you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty.
  • Non Slip Bottom - This footrest pillow doesn’t move around while using, since the bottom has a nice friction grip.Just to kick off shoes and just let your feet enjoy the soft cover and the supportive cushiness of the memory foam.whole body is happy and not dreading the long days at a desk.
  • Smart Massage Bead Feature - This is under desk footrest comes with massage textured surface, your feet will feel the texture change(kick off shoes).The massaging beads can help to improve circulation to your feet and legs, and help to relieve leg and back pain.

Details: An Excellent Foot Support Rest Pillow Our footrests is made of memory foam that firm supporting but comfortable. When you put chair up higher so elbows were at the correct height for desk, will notice feet barely touched the ground. When both feet aren't flat on the ground can experience lack in leg circulation.Feet, Legs, Hips and back will suffer numbness and pain. If you are using our under desk footrest, it can provide excellent support for feet, and help relief Feet, Legs, Hips, and Sciatica Pain. Ergonomic Teardrop Design Foot Pillow Size - 17" X 12" X 5"/7"(adjustable height ) Non-Slip Bottom, no worry of slide on tile floors Machine Washable Cover Made of memory foam Foot Support for Home &Office This Foot Rest Pillow is big enough to rest both feet, can be used for added support for ankles/calves while seating, keeps your thighs from resting on the edge of seat, which is good for circulation and reduce swelling. You can turn it over and use it as a rocker for your feet to exercise your calves & ankle, in this way can help with nerve pain, and away from edema. Multi-function Pillow This footrest is exactly what you need at office work. You can put it to good use as a back wedge to retain great posture while you sit. Ending day work, you can also place the pillow underneath your legs to elevate your knees and relax comfortably while laying down.

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 7.1 x 6.4 inches

Binding: Office Product