Small Bottle Container and Stopper UV Resin Epoxy Silicone Mold Jewelry Casting 6 Trays Set
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Product Description


Color: Bottle Container and Stopper 6 Trays


  • Make lovely 3D miniature perfume bottle, pharmacy bottle, magic potion flask, small "glass" jar, kawaii storage container, jewelry container, crafting sand and accessories container, decoden charm, fragrance cabochon, Magical shaker pendant necklace, fairy angel dust pendant charm, jewelry ornament, dollhouse art etc.
  • Clear uv resin molds mainly for UV resin jewelry casting. Shapes come with flute bottle (sku 2622), erlenmeyer flask (sku 2624), hexagon perfume bottle with cork (sku 2623), 2 styles of curved magic potion bottles with cork (sku 3323 and 3324), fanciful decorative vial (sku 2629).
  • Can be used with a wide range of edible and non edible materials. Mainly use with Modelling clay(air clay, paper clay, resin clay, polyclay, polymer clay, salt clay, metal clay, liquid clay etc.), resin(epoxy resin, rethane resin, uv resin), concrete, cement, plaster, hot glue, soap, candle, wax, cold porcelain, mix media and more.
  • Color is transparent. Make bottles around 1inch high. Craft tips: Seal the mold with rubber band/ hot glue/ UV resin.
  • Food Grade. Food and Non Food material should use separately. Wash and boil before use, especially for food. Easy to use mold very flexible and easy to clean, can be used in oven, dishwasher, refrigerator etc. Can be used within the temperature between -40~220 centigrade.

Details: Dimension approximate: Pumpkin: 1.53x1.9inch, make bottle 0.9x1.6inch Hexagon: 1.6x2.28inch, make bottle 1x2inch Beaker glass: 1.53x1.89inch, make bottle 0.86x1.45inch Round base: 1.75x2.2inch, make bottle 1.18x1.7inch Mold color: clear Finish: gloss (may require polish/glaze if need a shiniest/most glossy look) Suffer temperature: -40 to 230 centigrade/ -40 to 446 fahrenheit Dishwasher/oven/refrigerator safe Food grade, no BPA/PVC/phthalate Wash and boil before use, especially for food.

Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 4.4 x 1.2 inches

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