Sindoh - 3D2XQ 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer,Dual Extruder, Wi-Fi Connected, HEPA filter, Flexible Metal Bed Plate (Heated)
$4,473.49 $5,596.99
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Product Description

Brand: Sindoh


  • ✅ ​3DWOX 2X has 2 Extruders that move independently achieving the highest efficiency possible.
  • ✅ ​Open Source Filament Mode is available letting users to explore new printing possibilities. (May require firmware update)
  • ✅ ​Offers HEPA filter and fully enclosed structure for user safety.
  • ✅ ​3DWOX 2X prints silence. The noise level of 2X is 40dB which is equivalent to the noise level of library.
  • ✅ ​Offers automatic loading and unloading of filament; Insert a cartridge and 3DWOX will do the rest.

Details: Specification Maximum Build Size - 228 X 200 X 300 mm Layer Thickness - 0. 05 ~ 0. 4 mm Print Head - Two Nozzle (Independent) Nozzle Diameter - 0. 4 mm Filament Diameter 1. 75 mm Material - PLA, ABS, Flexible , PVA, Open Source Filaments(Firmware update coming soon) Loading System – Full Auto Loading / Unloading Bed - Flexible Metal Bed Bed Leveling – Semi-Auto (Z Axis Is Fully Automated) Slicing SW - 3DWOX Desktop Software Available Support File Types - Stl, Ply, Obj, G-Code (Reprap), Amf Connectivity Options - Usb 3. 0 Device / 2. 0 Host, Ethernet (1G), Wi-Fi Gui - 5-Inch Full Color Touch Screen Led Lamp - Internally Installed Web Monitoring - PC, Smartphone, Tablet Filter - HEPA Filter Noise Level - Pla : 45Db(A), Abs: 40Db(A) Printer Size (W X D X H) - 490 X 466 X 573 mm Printer Weight 31Kg (68 Lb. ) Certifications Specifications Met - CE, UL (Only applies to the users who purchase 3DWOX through an authorized seller on US) 1) Product - Up to 1 year from the product purchase date 2) Parts (Nozzle, Bed) - 90 days from the product purchase date For details, please visit our official 3DWOX website. (Please Google "3DWOX" to find our website) Note: You must register your product on our website for . (Go to support & register your product) For more Information, Please follow our Twitter! Outside the US (Only applies to the users who purchased 3DWOX through an authorized seller on US) For those who purchased 3DWOX on US through international shipping and those who purchased 3DWOX on US and transported it to countries outside the US, we equally apply the excluding the shipping fee.

EAN: 8809368985293

Release Date: 09-10-2017

Package Dimensions: 28.5 x 28.1 x 24.0 inches