Side Table Set, Furniture Nightstand, Industrial Set of 2 Bedside Tables, Home Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Office, (Color : Black) - Cyburthur Stores - Moloo
$427.49 $539.99
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Product Description

Brand: Moloo

Color: Black


  • ▲ high-quality wrought iron frame, using superb wrought iron, material guarantee, strong easy to use, safe to use, size: 30x30x54cm, 34x34x74cm
  • ▲ high quality surface, not easy to scratch, heat resistant, easy to clean, strong carrying capacity, long service life
  • ▲ high temperature baking process, uniform color, smooth polishing, strong adhesion, anti-rust, anti-paint.
  • ▲ practical and easy to ride, easy to control a variety of styles, natural simplicity but not ordinary
  • ▲ Multifunctional side table, modern coffee table, section iron craft, nesting combination, living room, bedroom bedside kitchen, sofa table furniture