Selric [1500Yards / 30 Colors Available] UV Resistant High Strength Polyester Thread #69 T70 Size 210D/3 for Upholstery, Outdoor Market, Drapery, Beading, Purses, Leather ( Black )
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Product Description

Brand: Selric

Color: Black


  • Selric High Quality 100% Polyester Threads. Size: 1500Yards 210D/3 #69 T70. Thread Net Weight: Threads 110g.If you are interested in buying two spools of the same colors (US warehouse available), please kindly search for " Selric Pack of 2 Polyester Thread" to save $1 Dollar on two spools.
  • Formed by hot drawing setting machine imported from Italy to ensure the threads with high strength, UV resistance and abrasion resistance;rich colors to be chosen; not easily fade or shrinkage.
  • Winded by winding machine purchased from TaiWan to make our threads better choice for high-speed sewing, high-density fabric sewing, long-distance continuous sewing.
  • Better UV Resistance Than Nylon Thread: With extremely strength, Selric Poly thread and Nylon thread are both great for canvas upholstery, leather, Denims and more. While there is an abvious difference between them, it lies in Outdoor Applications. Poly thread is primarily used in upholstery and furnishings that will be subject to sunshine.Ideal for stitching outdoor furnishings, convertible automobiles, awnings, and more.
  • Perfect for outdoor market, drapery, beading, purses, wallets, canvas, clothing, awnings, tents industrial, home textile, leather goods, footwear, luggage, shoes, car mats, upholstery and much more! Good for any home or commercial machine,will not break at high speed machines.

Details: Why Chooses Selric UV resistant Poly Thread?? Three Main Tests Passed Friction Level - Tested: Very good abrasion resistance. Tensile Level - Tested. High strength per size-high elongation. Twist Level - Tested. Extra smoother than normal poly threads on the market. High Standard Testing & Producing Process Automatic Colored Machine: Very good color fastness. Imported Producing Machine: Winding machine purchased from TaiWang; Waxing machine imported from Germany; Drawing setting machine imported from Italy. Excellent Craftsmanship: Very good UV resistance. Secondary lubrication process is using silicon wax imported from Germany to enduce the friction at the end of the needle. Silicon wax has better effects in standing up high temperature, lower breakage rate, less lints and better antistatic effects and so on. Something to learn about Polyester Sewing Thread [Weight ] [Tex Size] ]Appllcations ] [Extra Light ] [ T-18 ,T-21, T-24 ] [Sheer Blouses , T-Shirts ] [Light ] [ T-24 ,T-27, T-30(402) ] [ Dress Shirts, Dresses, Knit Tops ] [Medium ] [ T-30(402) ,T-35, T-40 ] [ Chinos Pants, Fleece Sweat Shirts ] [Medium Heavy ] [T-50 ,T-60, T-70 (210D/3) ] [Light Weight Denims, Coveralls ] [Heavy ] [T-80 ,T-90, T-105 ] [ Heavy Denims, Parkas ] [Extra Heavy ] [ T-120 ,T-135 ] [ Heavy Denims-Stretch ] Package Included:? 1* Poly Thread

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.1 x 2.4 inches

Binding: Kitchen