Robbey Water Powered Flow Dosing Pump, 0.2%-2% Hydraulic Chemical Fertilizer Injector Proportioning Dispenser Liquid Diluent Doser Proportioner for Drip Irrigation Livestock Farm
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Product Description

Brand: Robbey

Color: blue


  • 【Water Power】-It uses water power of the proportional pump as engine to drive the piston and the connecting rod inside the proportional pump, which can directly suck up the liquid additive and make it dissolve in the water flow.
  • 【Accurate and Effective】- Equipped with clear scale and automatic proportioning, which can change dosage and fertilizer variety at any time without changing irrigation system or control scheme.
  • 【Dissolve Evenly】-This device moves up and down in a cylinder to press the water out, when pressing out the water, it uniformly sucks the additives loaded at the bottom of the container into the water flow through a tube.
  • 【Easy to Install】- Hold the water inlet and outlet are the same directions, then keep the intake and outlet of the proportional pump in accordance with the flow direction to ensure its sealing.If you want to add additive, you can open the valve on both sides of proportional pump.
  • 【Application】- It is suitable for animal husbandry, horticultural flowers, industrial dilution, brewery, steel making, agriculture, printing machine cleaning, industrial washing, sanitation and deodorization, etc., or other industries requiring a certain proportion of dilution.

Details: ✦Why choose our water powered flow dosing pump? Proportional pump is driven by the flow of pressure water and do not need any other power facilities. The hydrodynamic engine drives the piston and connects rod in the proportional pump, which can directly suck the liquid into the water flow. It could accurately configurable diluent with a scale range of 0.2%-2% ✦Features: 1.Directly installed on the water supply pipe, driven by hydraulic power, not need electricity. 2.The dose of the injected solution is always proportional to the amount of water flowing into the pipe. 3.Increase the proportion of the medicine accurately and keep the ratio constant. 4.Provide manual exhaust device, through manual exhaust device,discharge the air in the pipeline. 5.Chemical resistance, anti ultraviolet radiation function. ✦Specification: Color: blue Shipping weight: 3KG Proportion range: 0.2-2% (1 inch connector) Flow range: 20-2500 L/ H Water flow temperature: 4 degrees -30 degrees Working water pressure: 0.2-6 kg Inlet and outlet diameter: 32mm/25mm ✦Precautions: 1. Make sure that the container holding the liquid additive is not empty when using the automatic proportional pump. 2. At the beginning of starting the proportional pump, the bleed valve should be pressed down for a few seconds to discharge the existing air. There will be a little water flowing out. After the air is exhausted, please quickly close the bleed valve. 3. It is necessary to install filter equipment at the inlet of the proportional pump. 4. If there is an increase in working resistance, you can add lubricant to the piston to increase the service life. ✦Note: If the liquid you inject in the pump has corrosivity, the spring will be broken faster, we can provide spring purchase service.

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