RIZEE Standard Grip Transfer Tape for Vinyl 50 FT w/Alignment Grid Application Tape for Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Adhesive Vinyl for Decals, Signs, Windows, Stickers
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Product Description

Brand: RIZEE

Color: StandardGrip 12''×50'


  • RIZEE medium transfer tape is not too sticky but sticky enough to lift your project easily and transfer it to your surface effortless, the transfer tape can be applied to even more smaller works, it is trouble-free and user friendly.
  • RIZEE standard vinyl transfer tape roll is designed to work with Indoor/Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl including Cameo, Silhouette, Provo Craft, Cricut Vinyl, Pazzles, oracal vinyl and much more.But it can't work with HOLOGRAPHIC VINYL, GLITTER VINYL or HTV. Easy to use & transfer, versatile use to transfer your decals, stickers, and adhesive vinyl to walls, glass, or other project.
  • The 1/2” see through purple grid lines will help you to adjust the accurateness of the project, and the grid lines also make vinyl transfer paper easy to measure, and cut off vinyl transfer tape without waste. In addition, our transfer tape rolls are also tear resistant.
  • This high-quality transfer tape has excellent flatness characteristics, is easy to unfold, and is resistant to wrinkles, tunneling, and curling. Transparent vinyl transfer tape rolls can accurately paste vinyl letters, stickers and graphics. You don't have to guess whether the graphic is straight or misaligned, because you can see it when transferring the graphic.
  • Not only the adhesive on this vinyl transfer tape can firmly hold all items in place, but also it can be easily and cleanly removed: no bubbles, no tears, no traces. This means that not only do you not have to worry that the transparent contact paper will move or rise before you want to move it, nor do you have to worry that the adhesive on the transfer belt will leave a frustrating sticky mark on the vinyl graphic. The new and old versions will be shipped randomly (The quality is the same).
  • 100% satisfaction service: we want to make sure each customers have 100% satisfaction with our product, so we work hard to ensure high-quality standards through multiple quality checks, but regrettaly that we still come cross defective products occasionally. If you receive a defective product or a missing product, don't worry, just to contact us to exchange or make a refund.

Details: RIZEE high quality 50 FT vinyl transfer tape is an ideal product to handle your project effectively. Easy to use and transfer vinyl transfer tape is designed to be used with a variety of adhesive vinyls including indoor and outdoor. With Provo Craft Cricut vinyl, silhouette cameo or portrait vinyl, puzzles, etc., vinyl transfer tape is very suitable for most self-adhesive vinyls, you can't find a better choice around transfer tape. This is a huge problem that most people face now. The stickiness of the transfer paper is not enough to lift the artwork from the vinyl, or the transfer paper cannot perfectly release the artwork onto the surface, glass, window, ceramic, wall, car windshield, etc. The worst things is you spend hours on a artwork that will not be transferred correctly due to you do not have a correct transfer tape. The Rizee crafts transfer paper is suitable for everyone who needs to transfer vinyl art perfectly without damage. Operating steps: First Make and cut your design. Second Peel the waste of vinyl. Third Add the transfer tape to the top of your design and peel it down. Fourth transfer it to the desired object. Easy transfer to smooth surface like sign stickers, windows, walls, ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, indoors, outdoors etc. Last pull up the clear transfer tape and finish.

EAN: 0799715346977

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches