RGB Wireless/Wired 60% Compact Mechanical Keyboard, 61 Keys Bluetooth Small Portable Gaming Office Keyboard with Rechargeable Battery for PC, Laptop, Cell Phone - Cyburthur Stores - HETOETF
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Product Description


Color: Black


  • 【Bluetooth/2.4G wireless/USB-C wired three connection modes】 first generation of RGB three-mode wireless Mechanical keyboards on the market. With stable Bluetooth 3.0/5.0, 2.4G wireless , USB-C wired three connection modes reliably and quickly connect to desktop computers/laptops/tablets/mobile phones and other devices.You can connect up to three Bluetooth devices, and switch between them through FN+B1/B2/B3.
  • 【RGB Backlit】This 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard has 16 RGB Backlight Modes, 8 monochrome Backlight Modes. These light modes can provide you a charming gaming environment at night.
  • 【61 Keys Compact Design】No additional number keys, can meet you demands in Office or Home. The Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard is Space-saving and Portable, you will be satisfied at how much space you save.
  • 【3000mAh Big Mac】 3000mAh battery can be used continuously for at least 15 hours with the backlight on. the backlight is off, it can be used continuously for up to 200 hours , In addition, the keyboard can be charged at the same time in the USB-C wired state, saving charging time.
  • 【Warranty】Comes with a 1-year HETOETF manufacturer’s warranty against defects so you can make your purchase with confidence.

Details: Switch Wired/Bluetooth/2.4G Wireless Mode Wired mode: Turn off the keyboard power, and use the data cable directly connected to the computer. Bluetooth mode: Long press FN+B1/B2/B3(Any key)>5S, light flashes quickly, search for BT3.0 KB/BT5.0 KB, click connect. 2.4G Wireless Mode:Insert the 2.4G receiver into the computer, press FN+2.4G to connect to the computer. Bluetooth matching mode(3 different devices at the same time) Short press FN+B1/B2/B3(Any key)1S, switch the currently connected Bluetooth device. Lighting Control: FN+\=Adjust the light mode(Constant light, Breath, Neon, Light wave, Ripple, Raindrop, Snake, Follow) FN+BackSpace(←)=Light ON/OFF FN+P=Switch the light color (Order: Red, Green, Blue, Ice Blue, Purple, Yellow, White, Mixed Light) FN+[- = Brightness “+” FN+] + =Brightness “-” FN+; = Light Speed- FN+'=Light Speed+ Specifications: Dimension:292*102*39mm Weight:0.5kg Key Numbers: 61 Keys Operating Current: 150mA Operating Voltage: 3.3V Package Included: 1 x Mechanical keyboard 1 x Removable USB-C cable 1 x User manual Note: 1. Turn the power switch to "ON" before use. 2. Intelligent power saving design of wireless keyboard, no sleep in wired mode; In Bluetooth/2.4G mode, the keyboard will not move for 2 minutes, enter sleep state, press any key to wake up. 3. When Bluetooth or the receiver computer cannot recognize the connection, please reconnect or change to another computer connection. 4. When the keyboard backlight is dimmed or the low-battery light flickers, it needs to be charged in time. Please use the charging cable provided with the product to connect the computer USB port or DC-5V charger for charging; if the product is not used for a long time, please use the power supply Hit the "OFF" position.

Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 4.8 x 1.7 inches

Binding: Personal Computers