Rainbow Joy Liquid Chalk Markers -12 Pack Erasable Neon Colors Bistro Pens With Gold Silver Colors Cleaning Cloth 40 Chalkboard Labels 2 Tip Reversible Bullet Chisel Tip Increased Ink Capacity New Cap
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Product Description


Color: Neon


  • ✅BRACE YOURSELVES FOR NEVER-ENDING CREATIVITY: With these magic chalk pens you can turn any ordinary non-porous surface into your very own canvas. They can be used on chalk labels, mirrors, storefront windows, blackboards, whiteboards, metal, chalkboard and more. Thanks to their huge ink capacity, our chalk markers promise to last longer than any other set of chalk pens on the market!
  • ✅EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Rainbow Joy markers the perfect rusty result, without the hassle involved in the use of traditional chalks. Shake, push, write, recap and wipe-off your surface using a damp cleaning cloth. water-made erasable chalk pens, painting doesn't need to be a messy!
  • ✅A TRUE PROFESSIONAL’S MATERIALS JUMBO KIT: These 12 bright and vibrant colors (Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Pink, Light Blue, deep green, Rose Gold, and Silver metallic) Rainbow Joy chalk markers look absolutely gorgeous against a wide variety of different surfaces. Featuring a removable and reversible bullet-chisel fine tip and 2 sizes of nib to choose from, our pens allow smooth writing and provide an excellent ability to draw details.
  • ✅SKIN-SAFE, NON-TOXIC, HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIALS: At Rainbow Joy we’re committed to providing you with products which are 100% child- and eco-friendly. You can rest assured that our liquid chalk markers are completely free of harmful substances. This makes them the perfect gift for your little angels.
  • ✅WE HAVE 4 EXCLUSIVE EXTRA BONUS GIFTS FOR YOU!!: At Rainbow Joy meeting your needs is our priority, but exceeding them…our specialty! Order our amazing jumbo set of chalk markers today and get the 40 black and white stickers for your hand-lettering creations and an eraser cleaner cleaning cloth and a free set of tweezers and 2 EXTRA Tips at the most affordable price: ZERO. Including our awesome white silver and gold colors, this set of markers will fascinate young and old alike!

Details: Looking for long-lasting liquid chalk markers to make any surface a canvas to your imagination? paper, plastic, glass and more, easy to paint easy to clean especially for children! in neon colors Rainbow Joy gives you the most complete set of quality chalk pens, at the most affordable price ever! Place your order today and get: 12 unique liquid chalk markers, including special gold and silver ink. A cleaning cloth and 40 black stickers for FREE. These 12 Liquid Markers Can Turn Any Chalk Project From Average To Extremely Awesome Using a super-concentrated liquid chalk, they provide bright, vibrant, eye-catching colors each and every time. By increasing the ink capacity in each marker, Rainbow Joy offers a set of pens that will outperform any competitive product on the market. Decorate the windows of your classroom, restaurant, car or café, market new products, write on wine glasses, walls…the possibilities are endless! The Best Choice For Your Little Artists When it comes to your children’s safety you should never compromise! Our markers are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe to the skin. What else would you want for your angels? Using Our Chalk Markers Is As Simple As That: Shake the marker, push the tip in and out until it is filled with ink and you’re ready to go. Repeat when necessary and store it horizontally after use. Why Delay Acting On A Good Idea? Click "Add to Cart" NOW.

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Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 4.8 x 1.9 inches

Binding: Office Product