PS5 Thumb Grips, PS5 Accessories Include 4 PS5 Rubber Thumb Caps and 4 PS5 Trigger Extenders
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Product Description



  • PS5 Thumb Grips - These thumb covers and extenders are specially designed for PS5 dualsense controller.
  • PS5 Rubber Thumb Grip Caps - It can provide prefect protection to the vulnerable original buttons of your controller, avoid any possibly damage.
  • Enhanced Accuracy - It helps to increase moving range for a same angle of the stick after installing the sticks, much easier to perform a precise aiming, turning or movement.
  • PS5 ThumbStick Extenders - With larger contact surface design and anti-skid function, these PS5 controller sticks provide better control, which reduces hand and thumb fatigue.
  • Package Include - 2*Thumb Grips, 4*L2 R2 Triggers and 2*D-pad Buttons.

Details: Playstation 5 Controller Thumb Grips Are you ready to step it up? Enjoy more control with less effort thanks to this pair of thumb grips for the PS5 DualSense Controller. Ideal for shooting, action, fighting, and racing games, the thumb grips make it easy to compete with enhanced comfort and confidence. Simple Set-Up It only takes a few seconds to slide the pair of thumb grips over the controller’s existing thumb sticks - then it’s good to go. Buying a second set for friends might be a thoughtful way to level the playing field (or not). Enhanced Grip Made of non-slip silicone, the grips help keep thumbs sweat-free - no more nervous, sweaty thumbs slipping off during critical gameplay action. Even more, the durable and well-made rubber thumb grips help protect your PS5 Controller’s existing analog sticks from everyday wear and tear. Improved Accuracy and Comfort Achieve better precision when aiming and moving around. The thumb grips helps improve overall range of motion. The additional height also helps reduce thumb, wrist, and hand fatigue. Compared to the original thumb sticks, the thumb grips provide a larger surface area, which translates to added comfort. Helpful Trigger Extenders The PS5 trigger extension works on your PS5 Dualsense wireless controller. It is very easy to put on. If you have large hands/long fingers, you need them more. It helps to improve gaming experience.

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 5.2 x 1.0 inches

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory