PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan and Controller Charger, Vertical Stand for PS5 Disc/Digital Edition, Dual Controller Charger and Extra USB Ports, 3 Levels Adjustable Fan Speed, Hold 11 Games - White
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Product Description


Color: White


  • Easy to Set up - This vertical stand has a place for everything for your PS5. This will keep you organized and your PS5 operating smoothly. It fits both Digital and Disc version. It is must have for the PS5.
  • Built in 2 Quiet Fans - Built-in two speed-regulating fans can speed up the air circulation at the bottom of the PS5 console to achieve the heat dissipation. The cooling fan has the power-off memory function. Each short press of the switch can change the fan speed or turn off the fan (the four gear of the fan speed are: fast, medium, slow and stop).
  • PS5 Controller Charger - You are able to charge two remotes at the same time. There are two charging slots on the front of the stand to charge original P-5 controller. Full charging time is about 4~4.5 hours.
  • PS5 Storage Games - There are 11 disc slots on the back of the stand, and you can put 11 game disc boxes for games you like to play. The discs are nice and secure in each slot, no chance of having them fall out. It is a cool way to organize your games.
  • PS5 USB Slots - The USB2.0 port on the left side of this product supports USB2.0 data transmission function. You can charge your headphones or your Bluetooth keyboard.

Details: Playstation 5 Vertical Cooling Stand How to charge your PS5 Controllers? Firstly, insert the Type-C dongle into the Type-C female base of the P-5 controller, and then plug it upside down into the charging port on the stand. When charging, you can see the orange breathing lamp on the front of the controller, and the orange breathing light of the controller will go out after being fully charged. PS5 Cooling Fan The cooling fan has the power-off memory function. This product can effectively reduce the temperature of P-5 console, improve its performance and reduce the power loss. There is single switch for the cooling fan which is controlled by intelligent chip. By gently pressing this switch, the fan can be switched from four gears in turn. Each short press of the switch can change the fan speed or turn off the fan (the four gear of the fan speed are: fast, medium, slow and stop). The fan can be manually switched according to the ambient temperature to accelerate the air circulation of the console which can effectively prevent the excessive temperature of console, reduce the power consumption and prolong its the service life. The intelligent MCU chip also has the function of power-off memory: when it is powered on again, it will remember the state before the previous power-off, and continue to maintain the fan speed before the power-off. Other Accessories 1 Y-type USB2.0 to TYPE-C data cable, 2 TYPE-C dongles, and 1 fixing screw. This product is equipped with a Y-type data cable that can be powered from the two USB 3.0 ports on the back of the P-5 console, and can support USB2.0 data transmission. There is no need to purchase a power supply.

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.5 x 1.7 inches

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory