PS5 Stand Playstation 5 Accessories Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan, Dual Controller Charger Station and 17 Game Disc Slots,PS5 Cooling Station Use for PS5 Games, PS5 Digital Edition, PS5 Disc Version
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Product Description

Brand: RelHeng

Color: Black


  • 【All in One PS5 Stand】This PS5 Accessories vertical stand with 2 Cooling Fans, 2 Controller Charger Stations, 17 Game Disc Slots,1 headset holder, keeping everything in one place, you can save space to the maximum, and keep the game area tidy, no more messy desktops.
  • 【PS5 Dual-Controller Chargers with LED Indicators】Multifunctional PS5 stand has two dedicated TYPE-C charging heads in the charging slot, PS5 controller is very convenient to charge with this stand. PS5 controller charger stations has LED indicators, let you know the charging status at a glance, the red light indicator means it is charging, white light means it’s fully charged, make it easy to charge your PS5 controllers, saving your time.
  • 【Efficient PS5 Cooling Fan】PS5 cooling station remove heat from your PS5 console quickly and efficiently with 2 high speed cooling fans and metal cooling base, lower noise output while maintaining maximum cooling efficiency, it is extremly helpful to prevent overheated console when playing games for a long time, and protects the service life of the PS5 game console.
  • 【Compatible with All PlayStation 5 Console】PS5 accessory vertical stand used for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition & Disc Edition Consoles, PS5 Controller Charger Stand has overcharge, overheating and short circuit protected functions, and keeps you and your device safe.(Prompt:PS5 Console, PS5 Digital Edition, Controllers, Headset and Game Discs are NOT INCLUDED in the package)

Details: Installation Instructions: ➽First, place the PS5 console upside down, and place the stand on the PS5 console in the middle, so the screw hole in the center of the base is aligned with the screw hole at the bottom of the PS5 console, then screw in the “console fixing screw”. after tightening the screw, connect the product the PS5 console through type-C USB cable (it is recommended to connect the USB port in the front of the console). after successful connected, the two charging slot indicators are always on. ➽Second, plug PS5 controllers into charging slots, the indicators will be on the red while starts charging; indicators turn white when fully charged. ➽Third, when 2 controllers are charged at the same time, the 2 red indicators will be always on, and turn to white indicators when fully charged. ➽Put the console into the cooling fan slot, press the switch on button, and the fan will work to cooling the PS5 console. Please Note: ➽Connect other 5V power source may cause the product working abnormal. ➽When PS5 console is nearly fully charged, the charging indicator of this product may not conform to the indication of PS5 console, which is normal. (ie, PS5 console charging indicator has indicated fully charged, but enter P5 console to check that it is still charging). ➽After the PS5 console battery is at low-voltage protection, insert this product to charge, the indicator light will be inaccurate, this is a normal situation. (ie, the PS5 console battery is at low-voltage protection, plug the console to charge, the charging indicator may still shows white or flashing between white and red) ➽Please do not charge this product in high temperature environment. ➽Please avoid this product exposures to the sun, rain, damp and heat. ➽It is not suitable to place this product in a place with poor ventilation for charging.

EAN: 0656664720480

Package Dimensions: 14.4 x 10.6 x 2.5 inches

Binding: Video Game