PS5 Cooling Fan, PS5 Cooler, Vertical Stand for Playstation 5 Digital Edition & Ultra HD Game Console with Dual Charger Indicator USB Ports for PS5 DualSense Controller - Cyburthur Stores - OLYGIVE
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Product Description


Color: Black


  • PS5 ACCESSORIES - It can be used as a PS5 charging station, PS5 cooling station and PS5 Storage Stand. This 3 in 1 stand is specially designed for PS5 Digital Edition/Disk Version. Your PS5 console can be displayed and stored in this stand.
  • PS5 CONTROLLER CHARGER - It can charge both PS5 dualsense wireless controllers. It has the clear led indicators. When it is charging, the red light turns on. When it is charged fully, the green light turns on. It takes 2 hours to charge them fully.
  • PS5 COOLING FAN - There are 2 small cooling fans in the stand. It has the power button for the cooling fan, it can help PS5 console cool down quickly. 3000RPN speed. The noise level from the fan is very quiet.
  • PS5 USB HUB - This PS5 Stand has 3 USB Hub ports to expand the USB function. You can connect extra controllers.
  • PS5 Storage Holder - It can hold your PS5 vertically and securely. Very convenient and organized. It displays everything in a neat and orderly fashion. It looks tidy and clutter free.

Details: Multifunctional PS5 stand Ps5 Cooler When your playstation 5 keeps overheating, this PS5 cooling fan station can help with the heating issues. The fans have a separate switch to enable/disable them. Cools down your Playstation 5 while charging up to 2 remotes at a time. PS5 Dual Controller Charger The controller charging ports are also very helpful. It is easy to use and you can know how much they have charged with the color display. The LED lights change from red to green to represent whether or not it’s charging. Simply line up the controllers into the docks and gently push them down to slide the usb in place. Fully Functional Stand for PS5 All in one is very convenient for PS5 owners. Save space. Extra USB ports can be for versatility. Specifications Input:DC 2A Output:0.5-1A Package Size:7.68*13.6*1.77 inches(19.5*34.5*4.5cm) Product Size:13.4*7.5*1.18 inches (34*19*3 cm) Package Weight:540g Note It does not include the power adapter.

Package Dimensions: 13.6 x 7.8 x 1.9 inches

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory