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Product Description


Color: White


  • Specially designed for PS5 console. It is compatible with PS5 digital and disc version.
  • It includes 3 cooling fans to help cool PS5 console down. It keeps PS5 console running smooth.
  • Easy to Install - The installation is super easy. It has the switch button and you just need to turn it on. When the blue light turns on, the fans start running.
  • Silent and Sleek - It is very easy to install the cooling fan.
  • Good Gift for PS5 Gamers - It is a great accessory for PS5 console owners.

Details: It only works for Playstation 5. It keeps your PS5 console cool and help with longevity. Specification Weight: 85g Rated Voltage: 5 DCV Starting Voltage: 3.8 DCV Rated Current: 160~180mA Rated Power:2.7W Rated Speed:4000 RPN Operating Temperature:-10-60 ℃ Size: 8.66*2.24*0.67 inches (22*5.7*1.7cm)

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 2.3 x 1.2 inches

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory