PS5 Controller Charging Station, JAMSWALL Dual USB Type-C Fast Charger Dock with Dual LED Indicators Safety Chip Protection for Sony DualSense Controller - Cyburthur Stores - JAMSWALL
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Product Description



  • 🎮【Fast charging of PS5 controller】 This dual docking station is specially designed and optimized to charge Playstation 5 controllers. The current of each regulator can reach 750mA, within 2-3 hours it can be fully charged. Simply place the controller on the charging station to charge it and remove the controller when using it. You don't need to wait any longer to charge 2 PS5 controllers. Save time and have more fun.
  • 🎮【Safety Protection】 The charging station offers safe, high-speed charging for the controller and protects it from overcharging. With the built-in protection chip, the PS5 controller will not be overcharged, not even charge it overnight. You can charge two controllers at the same time via these two charging slots, without having to connect to the PS5 console, an ideal charging base for your controllers.
  • 🎮【Charging LED Indicator】 The charging status of each controller is clearly and separately displayed on the 2 LED displays. LED lights clearly indicate in front of the screen when charging is complete. Red light indicates charging and green light indicates PS5 controller is fully charged. The bottom LED lights up green when the charging station connects the power.
  • 🎮【Removable Type-C Port】 Using the Type-C charging cable, you can easily power the controller via the Type-C connection via the PS5 console or the power supply. The removable Type-C port prevents scratching the PS5 controller when you insert it into the charger. Intelligent microcontrol technology is applied to circuit management to achieve high-efficiency conversion charging. It is easy to insert or remove from the controller
  • 🎮【PS5 Dual Sense Controller Bracket】 This charging stand allows you to hold the PS5 controller in place to save space.It can be considered as a space saver while the controller is not charging, it also keeps the PS5 controllers clean.Thanks to the design lightweight and portable, you can take it anywhere to enjoy games without worrying about joystick battery.Note: PS5 controller is not included

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches