PS5 Controller Charger, Xbox Series S/X Controller Charging Dock, Charging Station for Playstation 5 Controller, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Google Controller, Xbox Elite 2 Controller
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Product Description



  • Wide Compatibility - This charging dock can be used for ps5 dualsense controllers, xbox series s/x controller, Nintendo Switch Pro controller, google controller, Xbox Elite 2 controller. Please use 5V 2A wall adapter to charge it and it will be faster (wall adapter is not included).
  • Clear LED Indicator - This charger dock has the red and green LED indicator on the front. Red is charging, green is fully charged. It is very convenient.
  • Removable Type C Adapter - The USB Type C adapter can charge the controllers more convenient and faster, which is easy to be inserted in or pulled out from controller and it will protect your controllers from scratches. You can keep the usb c adapter into the controller and it will be more convenient for you to charge next time.
  • Lower Power Consumption - Smart chip circuit design, low power consumption, power saving and environmental protection, easy to place.
  • Compact and Sleek - It has the slim design and it takes up a little space. Please note that when you do not use the dock, please unplug the wall adapter.

Details: Nice Way to Charge your PS5 Controller Charging Time : 4 ~ 4.5 hours Input Current : 1.5A Feature This is the must have accessories for gamers because it can charge a lot of different kinds of controllers. It is very easy to use. Use the USB to micro charging cable to connect the power supply port. Supply power with DC 2A USB power supply or a universal USB interface for charging. Connect the power supply to charging cable before charging. Switching on the power, the red and green indicators will flash once respectively. If there is any controller on the charging dock for charging, the controller pattern will display red. If not or the controller is fully charged, it will display green. If the controller being charged is built-in battery controller.Insert the Type-C connector into the Type-C interface of controller. and then put the controller on the charging slot for charging: if it is equipped with an external replaceable battery. first install the battery into the controller, and then insert the Type-C connector into the controller, and finally put the controller on the charging slot for charging. The front and rear light-emitting rings will also display red breathing lamp and green lasting lamp during charging. When the controller is charging, it is red; when the controller is fully charged or no controller is charged, it is green.

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory