PS5 Controller Charger Station, Playstation 5 Controller Charging Station, PS5 Controller Accessories
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Product Description



  • Fast Charging - This PS5 controller charger is specially designed for charging PS5 controllers, which can quickly charge 2 PS5 controllers simultaneously. It takes 4 hours to charge two PS5 controllers at the same time.
  • Stylish and Compact - The Playstation 5 controller charger for controller has the cool light. The orange and blue lights of the transparent seat can help you to know the charging status at any time.
  • Intelligent Protection - The Playstation 5 charging station controller uses intelligent chips to detect the charging status. The built-in intelligent chip provides intelligent overload protection, protects your controllers from over-charging, over-voltage, overheat, and short-circuit. 
  • Easy to Use - The PS5 controller charger dock is designed with aesthetic appearance and convenient placement.
  • Save Energy - The PS5 controller charger stand is characterized by low power consumption in standby, energy saving and environment protection.

Details: How to Use this PS5 controller Dock Station? Firstly, the charging base shall be connected to the USB port of USB 5V DC power supply by the USB-to-Type C cable, the orange and blue lights will be on once respectively, then the blue light will be long on. When you plug the PS5 controller into TYPE C male connector, it means that the PS5 controller is under continuous charging. Please place the PS5 controller on it and then plug into the TYPE C male connector of the transparent seat for charging. Note There are specific requirements on input voltage of this product, therefore, please use the TYPE C charging cable of this product for charging. Other 5V TYPE-C charging cables may cause charging failure or extended charging duration. When the charge level of the PS5 controller or battery pack reaches about 80% or more, if you unplug the controller and then replug it in, the controller may not be charged due to the battery protection function; you can continue to charge only after the battery level of the controller is below 80%. Specifications Rated input voltage of the desktop charger: DC 5.0V Rated input current of the desktop charger: 1.5A Output current (charging current of the controller): 500mA*2 LED Indicator For the first time of powering on the desktop charger, two transparent seats will be in orange first and then in blue, then in long-on blue light. When you plug the PS5 controller into TYPE C male connector, the orange light of the transparent seat will be on, which means that the charging seat is charging the controller continuously. The breathing light of the PS5 controller will be on, which indicates that the controller is under charging; after the controller is fully charged, the breathing light is off and the transparent seat is in long-on blue light.

Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.7 x 3.4 inches

Binding: Video Game