PS5 Controller Charger Station, Playstation 5 Controller Charger Station with 5V 3A Power Adapter, High Speed, Fast Charging Dock for Sony DualSense Controller
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Product Description



  • PLUG and CHARGE - It includes the PS5 controller charger and 5V 3A wall adapter. It matches PS5 perfectly. This PS5 dual charger not only hold but also charge your PS5 controllers. It is very convenient.
  • FAST CHARGING - It can charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously. It just takes 3 hours to charge your PS5 DualSense wireless controllers fully.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN - The intelligent micro control technology is adopted in charging indicator management. The atmosphere indicator will be on around the upper surface of the charging dock during charging, and the atmosphere indicator in the front and rear ends of the bottom will also be on, so that you can know the charging status at any time.
  • VERY EASY TO CHARGE - You just need to put on the charging dock and charge the power adapter then your PS5 controller will be charged quickly and ready to play.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN - Aesthetic appearance with convenient placement. Lower power consumption in standby, energy saving and environmental. It grows orange when the controller is charging and glows black when it's done. It doesn't overheat or get too hot at all.

Details: The charging dock is specially designed for charging playstation 5 controllers, which can quickly charge 2 PS5 controllers simultaneously. The orange atmosphere indicator flashes in occulting mode during charging, which can indicate the charging status intuitively; this product is specially equipped with 5.3V 3A power adapter, which can provide large-current quick charging. Charging Process Instruction - Plug the Type-C cable of the special power adapter of this dock into the input port of the Type-C power supply in the rear of the charging dock, then switch on the power adapter. At this time, the atmosphere indicator on the bottom will flash once and then turn off(without controller). - Place the PS5 controller at a certain angle on the charging slot of the charging dock for charging(Note: When placing the controller, make the round rubber column on the charging dock align with the headphone hole of the controller, and then gently push into it). - The charging will start after the Playstation 5 controller is placed. During charging, the atmosphere indicator on the upper surface and the front and rear ends of the bottom will flash in occulting mode. If both controllers are fully charged, the atmosphere indicator will turn off. Specification Input Voltage - DC 5.3V Input Current - 3A Output Current - (700-1000mA)*2 Package Include 1*PS5 Controller Charger Station 1*Power Adapter 1*User Manual

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 4.7 x 2.5 inches