PS5 ALL-IN-ONE Cooling Fan Stand Accessories with Game Storage for SONY PlayStation 5 Standard / Digital Edition Vertical Console, 3 USB Ports, Dual Fast Charger DualSense Controller Station by LIVIOR
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Product Description


  • [ All-in-One ] Multi-functional vertical stand design for PS5 Digital/Standard Edition: Cooling & storage for your PlayStation 5 console, with 2 DualSense controllers charger station (with LED charging indicator) + 2 cooling fans system (to maximize your gaming experience) + 3 USB Type-C hub (for additional controllers) + 14 Game Storage Slots (ease of access)
  • [ High-Efficiency Cooling System ] 2 Built-in high speed quiet cooling fans (as low as 50dB) + Cooling Vents helps to circulate the air flow to prevent overheating + Elevated bottom footpads helps to disperse heat and keep your console cool, these options help maximize your 24/7 gaming experience and prolong your PS5 lifespan. Thermal readings indicate the back parts of the PS5 can reach up to 50°C. With our cooling stand, you can keep your PS5 operating at lower temperatures.
  • [ Fast Charging Speed & LED Indicators ] Charge 2 DualSense PS5 controllers simultaneously, the fast charging system only takes up to 2-hours to fully charge 1 controller (Built-in security chip helps to prevent from over-charging & over-heating), 2 built-in LED light chargers indicators (Red means charging and Blue means fully charged), when you turn off or put your PS5 console in Sleep Mode, it will stop charging.
  • [ By Gamer for Gamers ] Made of ABS plastic (built to last for a long duration) and designed perfectly to match what a Gamer needs (a perfect gift for your family or friends who plays games), the compact design along with additional 14 game storage slots helps to save space and makes your game compartment looks neat, tidy and elegant by getting rid of unnecessary cables and other gaming accessories. The non-slip footpads helps to make the PlayStation 5 console stabilize and to withstand slip.

Details: [ Ultimate Gaming Experience For You ] Our multipurpose vertical stand compatible with PS5 Digital/Standard Edition is all you need for the ultimate gaming experience. It has charging docks fitted with LED charging indicators for 2 DualSense controllers. So you can know exactly when you can pick up your controllers and start playing again! It has 3 USB Type-C hubs for any additional controllers and 14 game storage slots. It does all that while cooling your PlayStation 5 console efficiently! [ Say Goodbye to Over Heating ] Our high-speed, quiet (50dB) dual cooling fans ensure you can immerse yourself in the game worry free! The elevated bottom footpads help disperse heat and the specially designed cooling vents circulate fresh cool air around your PS5 console. These features will help maintain the longevity of your PS5. [ Maximize Your Gaming Time ] Our fast charging docks for DualSense PlayStation 5 controllers fills up the battery in just 2 hours! (4 hours for 2 DualSense controllers) It even has built-in technology to prevent overcharging and overheating your controllers. The convenient LED lights inform you when your controllers are ready to be used (Blue means fully charged), and it conveniently stops charging when you turn off your PS5 console or put it in sleep mode. [ The Perfect Gamer’s Companion ] Compactly designed, our stand and 14 game storage slots saves space and makes your game compartment neat by serving all your accessory needs and getting rid of unnecessary cables. Non-slip footpads on the stand maintain the PS5’s upright position, withstanding accidental shoves. Our stand is made of durable ABS plastic and specially designed for the needs of a gamer, meaning it is a perfect gift for your gaming friends and family. Remove the detachable plates on the product to fit the PS5 Standard Edition. Digital Editions can be used as is. SONY PlayStation 5 console and controller not included.

EAN: 0763416947184

Package Dimensions: 13.8 x 8.1 x 2.2 inches

Binding: Video Game