Pro Grade - Chip Paint Brushes - 96 Ea 2 Inch Chip Paint Brush
$57.49 $76.99
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Product Description

Brand: Pro Grade

Color: Light Brown


  • Value Pack Contains: 96 - 2" Wide Brushes with White Bristles that are 1-1/2" long. All Square trim.
  • Great throwaway brush for many projects around the home, business or for industrial use.
  • Great utility brushes for use with most paints, Stains, varnish, acrylic and gesso.
  • The all-natural china bristles on these chip brushes make them ideal for painting, staining, applying adhesives, cleaning, barbecue,arts,crafts or touch-up work.
  • 100% Brand New Pure White Bristles,Wooden handle, made of advanced solid wood, durable and easy to use with tin ferrules nailed to handle.

Details: Pro Grade Chip Brushes have so many uses, from painting, staining, and applying adhesives to cleaning and making arts and crafts; you can never have enough of these versatile brushes. Made with sturdy solid wood handles that feel comfortable in hand and 100% all-natural china bristles with all square trim, these multipurpose brushes are ideal for: Painting or staining walls Trim Baseboards Decks Doors Fences and more They're great for: Most paints Stains Varnishes Acrylics Gesso Glues Not only are these brushes durable, but they're also disposable, so this 96 pack of brushes offers excellent value and convenience.

EAN: 0609311410418

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 8.3 x 4.8 inches

Binding: Office Product