Playstation 5 ps5 Skin Sticker Decoration Frosting Sticker Console Digital Disk Protector faceplate Shell Vinyl Cover Skins Edition Console Decal Stickers Girl Anime (Disk Version, Cyber Girl) - Cyburthur Stores - DREAMPASS
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Product Description


Color: Cyber girl


  • This product is suitable for PS5 console sticker decorative numbers and disk skin panel shell protectors. It is made of high-quality PS5 vinyl decal paper, which is tougher than ordinary PS5 decals and resistant to dirt and scratches. It can protect your new console from scratches and stains. This is only to provide guests with a better ps5 cover skin console
  • This product adopts the PS5 vinyl skin printed with industrial-grade ultra-high resolution graphics and ultra-high gloss to ensure a detailed and full picture. In the screen customization, the anime PS5 skin is selected, even if it is closely observed, it is meticulous
  • This product adopts the latest air chute technology in the back, which solves the problem that the traditional sticker is easy to paste wrong. If the paste is wrong, it can be heated by hot air, so it is easy to paste again.
  • This product is only applicable to: PS5 console and controller skins, pay attention to distinguish between PS5 digital version skin and PS5 disk version skin
  • This product includes: 1 x ps5 console skin + 2 x ps5 controller skin (Note: not including game console and controller)

Details: Do you want to give the ps5 a unique look? Are you worried that long-term use will lead to dirt aging? Are you worried about scratch damage caused by collision? So I'm glad to recommend this ps5 special fashionable skin! First of all, we use high-quality vinyl adhesive, which is stronger than ordinary vinyl stickers. In addition, for the image quality, we use industrial grade super-high resolution graphics and ultra-high gloss for printing to ensure the meticulous and full color of the picture. Finally, we use the latest air chute technology to solve the problem that the conventional stickers are easy to paste wrongly. After accidentally pasting wrongly, we can use hot air to heat and paste again easily. Installation procedure: -Wash hands and dry. -Clean the equipment with a soft cloth to ensure that the surface of the controller is free of dust. -Peel the skin off the paper and stick it to the device. -If the paste is wrong, it can be removed and repositioned by heating with a blower. be careful: This product is only applicable to Playstation 5. Pay attention to distinguish between disk version and digital version. Package contains - Ps5 console skin - Ps5 controller appearance - Does not include the actual console or controller.

EAN: 0760051177464

Package Dimensions: 17.3 x 11.6 x 0.3 inches

Binding: Electronics