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Peggle Nights - PC

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Product Description

Brand: Sony

Edition: Standard


  • Experience after-hours fun with the popular and chaotic pachinko-style pinball game for your PC
  • Aim shots and bounce balls off colored pegs and bricks to clear levels and rack up points
  • Conquer 60 levels and 60 challenge stages and experience Ultra Extreme Fever mode
  • Go head to head with the computer or a friend with duel mode
  • Enter a magical, colorful world and discover the nighttime secrets of the 10 Peggle Masters

Format: CD-ROM

Details: Product Description The sun has set at the Peggle Institute, but the bouncy delight has just begun! Join the Peggle Masters on a dreamtime adventure of alter egos and peg-popping action. Stay up late to aim, shoot and clear orange pegs from 60 levels, and bask in Extreme Fever glory under the silver moon. Then, put your Peggle skills to the ultimate test in 60 Challenges. If you can master all that fevered action, play to your heart's content with Duel mode and Quick Play. Plus, you can stock your Trophy Room and revel in clickable replays! Peggle fans no longer have to worry about bedtime interfering with their conquests. Paying an evening visit to the Peggle Institute with Peggle Nights for PC opens up a nighttime world of bouncing, puzzling fun where you can calculate the ideal angle of release, take aim, shoot at the orange pegs to clear the board, score record-setting bonus points, and work toward becoming a true Peggle Master. Big, Arcade-Style Challenges for Strategic Thinkers Your favorite chaotic, pachinko-style pinball game is back. Action-packed and family-friendly, this game will quickly find you sending balls flying at strategically located bricks, pegs, and obstacles to score points and show off your unique skills and style. And the advanced physics of previous Peggle games is still at work, which means the trajectory of each bouncing ball is intricately calculated, and the results of a shot may change if your aim is off even the slightest bit. The precision with which angles are used here also means that you'll find math-practice and strategic planning hidden in what seems like a simple game of chance. Colorful Pegs and Cool Super Powers You'll find pegs and bricks of different colors that unlock cool powers, and once you hit all 25 orange pegs on a level, you will activate Ultra Extreme Fever mode, win an All Pegs Cleared Ribbon, and move on to the next level of play. The ability to win points for cool or tricky shots adds an extra element to any contest, while the fast, family-friendly action of 60 adventurous levels and 60 Challenges keeps things interesting and engaging over the long haul. There's even a duel mode that lets you go head to head with the computer or take on a friend and establish grounds for bragging rights. Unique Artwork and the Hidden Secrets of Magical Masters In the course of your Peggle training at the Institute, you'll also enjoy the backdrop set by a fantastical world, and you'll meet ten unique Peggle Masters. From Bjorn, the Super Guide unicorn, to Kat Tut and the Renfield Pumpkin, master of Spooky Ball, these quirky, personable characters have their own specialties and magic powers, adding depth to the strategic elements of each contest. Fans of the original game will be sure to enjoy the way each master takes on a special "undercover" style after sunset, starting with the revelation of Bjorn's mask, cape, and adventurous, justice-seeking ways. And, of course, the unique, illustration-inspired artwork packed with bold colors that is responsible for Peggle's truly magical feeling is back at work in this game.

Release Date: 26-03-2009

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.3 x 1.5 inches

Binding: Video Game