One-Station Solar Powered Irrigation Controller with 1' Anti-Siphon Valve
$148.49 $190.99
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Product Description

Brand: One Stop Outdoor


  • Includes five start times per day, cycle durations up to 5 hours and 59 minutes, Manual Run, Rain Off with restart in up to 99 days and Monthly Budget.
  • Features include Daily Water Restriction if required by cites and municipalities
  • 20 preset historical ET programs with 10 for drip irrigation and 10 for sprinklers
  • Recommended pressure: 10 to 90 PSI
  • Rain delay with up to 99 days with auto-restart

Details: The controller is a one-station ambient light (solar) powered irrigation controller with a rain sensor connection, mounted on a ¾” inline valve. The controller employs the latest in water conservation features to allow better operation of your irrigation system, day and night, and throughout the year.

EAN: 0013158192183