Nicpro Resin Molds with Epoxy Resin Kit for Beginner and Adult, for Craft DIY, Silicone Ashtray Square Bracelet Casting Mold with Stick Measuring Cup, Gloves, Color & Leaf Glitter and Foil
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Product Description

Brand: Nicpro


  • 1. Value Package: Includes 1pc 4oz Hardner, 1pc 4oz Resin, 3Pcs casting molds(Square Ashtray Mold, Octagon Ashtray Mold, Bracelet Mold), 2pc Silicone Sticks, 2pc 100ml Silicone Cups, 2pc 15ml Silicone Pouring Cups, 10pair L Gloves, 20pc Finger Cots, 5pc Transfer Pipettes, 2pc Disposable Tablecloth(100*100cm), 12pc Metallic Flakes, 12pc Fine Glitter Jar and 2pc Weed leaf glitter(1 gram gold& green) Everything is available.
  • 2. These silicone molds are made of food-safe & durable silicone material, superior high tear strength, flexible, smooth and nonstick, easy to clean.  easy tode-mold after your finished resin work completed cured
  • 3. Ready to Start: This set including silicone measuring cups and silicone mixing sticks ,gloves, with these necessary tools,you can star you resin DIY immediately. We also offer Metallic Flakes, Fine Glitter Jar and leaf glitter to decorate your resin art,try it now!!
  • 4. Nicpro epoxy resin :Our resin is self leveling, self degassing, low odor, Non-toxic (food safe) and No fumes, No Leak, contains both a UV stabilizer and advanced additive resistant to yellowing, long lasting. EASY MIX 1:1 ratio,string 3 minutes at least until uniform mixed,30 minute work time 24 hours cure time.
  • 5. After-Sale Warranty: Long warranty time— 3 Months! The quality is controlled by a specialist. If there is still a quality problem, we will provide you with a replacement or refund service! Let you have no worries!

Details: Epoxy Resin Making Kit with Silicone Molds Package Included 1pc 4oz Hardener 1pc 4oz Resin 3Pcs casting molds including Square Ashtray Mold, Octagon Ashtray Mold, Bracelet Mold 2pc Silicone Sticks 2pc 100ml Silicone Cups 2pc 15ml Silicone Pouring Cups 10pair L Gloves 20pc Finger Cots 5pc Transfer Pipettes 2pc Disposable Tablecloth(100*100cm) 12pc Metallic Flakes 12pc Fine Glitter Jar 2pc Weed leaf glitter(1 gram gold& green) How to apply epoxy resin : 1. Measure-According to your work, pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into a mixing cup. 2.Mix- EASY MIX 1:1 ratio ,stirring slowly for 3 minutes at least , until uniform mixed ( you can add decoration or pigment if needed) 3. Pour- Just pour the liquid mixture into your mold 4. Wait- 12 hours it will be dry to the touch, 24 hours it will be 95% cured. It will be fully cured within 72 hours.

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.8 x 4.5 inches