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Mystery P.I.: The London Caper

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Product Description

Brand: PopCap Games

Edition: Standard


  • Investigate 25 London locations to find the clues
  • Enjoy three fun game modes: Solve the Caper and 2 unlimited modes
  • Play 9 different mini-games including Match-3, Word Search, Tile Rotation, Memory Match, Jigsaw and more
  • Locate the hidden keys and crowns to unlock 2 bonus games; Find 25 secret objects and earn one million bonus points
  • Go for a Perfect Investigation and speed bonuses to become a Master P.I.

Format: CD-ROM

Details: Search London for clues and find the stolen Crown Jewels! Travel to London, England in the first European episode of the hit Mystery P.I. series! You’re the world famous Mystery P.I. and you’ve been hired by the Royal Family to track down the stolen Crown Jewels. The catch is you have only 17 hours before the ransom is due or the jewels could be lost forever! You’ll explore London and search 25 intriguing settings to solve this royal caper! Find over 2,000 hidden objects for clues to the missing jewels. Collect all the hidden crowns and keys in each scene for a perfect investigation and unlock two unlimited game modes. If you discover the secret object in each scene you’ll earn one million bonus points. But hurry — the Royal Family is counting on you!

Release Date: 10-08-2010

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches

Languages: English

Binding: Video Game