moverstar Irrigation Fittings Kit, Drip Irrigation Barbed Connectors for 1/4Inch Tubing Flower Garden Lawn Irrigation Kits 250PCS
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Product Description

Brand: moverstar

Color: Black


  • Made of high quality engineering plastics, durable, strong, water resistant, chemical-resistant materials to assure long life. Make sure you put the connected part into the 70~80°water for 10seconds before assmbling. After it cools down the tube will stay tight.
  • Including: 90 x straight hook, 70 x tube tee, 30 x elbow fitting, 30 x end plug, 30 x 4 way connector.
  • Secure and easy installation without glue, tools, or clamps. Simply push the tubing firmly over the barbs for a very tight fit that wont leak. If desired you may use a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the end of the tubing before inserting.
  • Use these durable irrigation fittings to your connect 1/4 inch drip irrigation tubing.Save money and time buying everything you need at once. Jumpstart your drip irrigation system installation with this set of essential components for building a maintenance-free drip system.
  • Ideal for use with raised garden beds, residential, farm, lawn,greenhouse gardening and agricultural watering applications. Keep extra parts handy for irrigation repair or expansion.

Details: Features: - Brand-new and high-quality - Convenient and easy to install, securely connected, not easy to fall off - Made of durable and practical material, strong, water resistant,chemical-resistant materials to assure long life. - Work with all kinds of watering drip irrigation systems efficiently - A great tool for greenhouse, garden, lawn, flower beds, shrubs, trees irrigation. Functions: 4-way Coupling - Create four-way layouts of poly tubing or drip line with 4 way coupling. Tees - Create three-way layouts of poly tubing or drip line with barbed tees. Couplings - Create two way layouts of poly tubing or dripline with barbed couplings. Elbows - Create 90 degree layouts of poly tubing or dripline with barbed elbows. End Closures - Plug the end of your poly tubing or dripline with these drip irrigation end caps. Specification: Material: Plastic Color: Black Caliber: 4/7mm Quantity: 200Pcs Kalolary Service: If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your drip irrigation parts, 24 hours customer service support,we will give you a free replacement or refund. Please enjoy your shopping. Package Including 90 x Straight Barbs 70 x Tube Tees 30 x Elbows Fittings 30 x  End Plug 30 x 4-way Coupling

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