MEEDEN 18-Well Porcelain Artist Paint Palette, Mixing Ceramic Watercolor Palette for Watercolor Gouache Acrylic Oil Painting, Rectangle 8 by x5-1/2-Inch
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Product Description



  • Made of premium white Eco-friendly ceramic material, so it is very durable. Ideal for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, tempera painting.8''x5.5''x0.75''
  • Good quality is excellent for mixing watercolor, enough weight that it won't flip around, perfect for studio or fieldwork
  • Pure white Smooth surface, no drops, the paint will not bead but spread smoothly, and it wipes perfectly clean with a tissue, makes it easy to cleaning, mixing and makes colors come alive
  • 18 deep wells for paint and one large mixing area. The center is perfect for mixing colors and it is super easy to clean the center and keep your paint love this palette.
  • Well designed with plenty of space to mix colors, help you improve their skill in mixing color. Strongly recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for a nice sturdy studio or field palette

Details: Specification Size: 8x5.5x0.75inch Mixing area: 4.75x6inch Weight: 1lb Perfect For: Watercolor gouache oil paint mixing Field and studio using Good quality is excellent for mixing watercolor. Porcelain for watercolors really does make a difference. Key Features: 18 wells for paint and one large mixing area. Enough weight that it won't flip around. Smooth surface, no drops. easy clean and no more stains of the leftover color. The mixing area is gigantic and the color wells are deep. Why Choose A Ceramic Palette to Mix Colors? Porcelain palettes are a great alternative for mixing paint. They're weighty so they won't move around while in use, and will last for years due to their sturdy construction. Porcelain palette is stable, easy to clean, store and sturdy enough for the demands of working in the studio or field. The Best Economic & Practical Porcelain Palette for You Includes 18 outer wells for color and a large mixing area, great for acrylic and casein paint, as well as watercolors. Enough weight to prevent slipping and sliding, around during use, allowing artists to focus on their craft. The porcelain surface keeps colors moist longer, and, unlike plastic, won't cause them to bead and separate. The surface is smooth, the paint will not bead, but spread smoothly, Porcelain doesn't stain, so clean-up is a snap, and it wipes perfectly clean with just a tissue.

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.8 x 2.1 inches