LINK-MI 4K Video Wall Controller 1x2 TV Wall Processor with 3840x2160@60HZ Support HDMI2.0 and 1.4, DP1.2 Signal Input
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Product Description

Brand: LINK-MI


  • 【Main function】TV02 is 4K video wall controller Which can be customized 2output, its main function is to 1 x 2 splicing display unit displays a 3840x1080@60HZ ultra HD 4K video.The input signal can support HDMI2.0, (3840x2160@60HZ) Which will not Delay Or dropped frames Even Playing fast action movie.
  • 【Widely Compatible Signal】TV02 Display 3840x2160 Resolution By a laptop or Computer, Two projectors or LCD monitors are point-to-point without deformation And Show Stitching display. It is also compatible with other signal splicing, such as players, Blu-ray DVD and other sources with HDMI and DP signal output.
  • 【Signal Resolution】Support 1 HDMI2.0,1 HDMI1.4,l DP1.2 signal input. HDMI2.0 ports maximum support 3840x2160@60HZ resolution and refresh rates of the HDMI signal input; HDMI1.4 maximum compatibility 3840x2160@30HZ HDMI signal input, while ordinary hard line can also be compatible with both MHL signal input; Supports both 1 channel DP1.2 signal input, maximum resolution up to 3840x2160@60HZ.
  • 【Output Resolution】Support HDMI 1.3 Signal Output With Resolution 1920x1080@60HZ Each display or Monitors, 1x2 mode means Horizontal screenx2 verticalx1, You will get 3840x1080@60HZ The Whole Resolution.
  • 【Stable Operation】Pure Hardware frame, no CPU, no Memory, System Stability, no Crashes, no System Crashes, no Virus Infection Risk; It Can Keep working 24 hours the Whole day or 365 days The Whole Year.

Package Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches

Binding: Electronics