LIHAO Snaps and Snap Pliers Set, 375 Sets T5 Plastic Buttons for Sewing and Crafting
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Product Description

Brand: LIHAO

Color: Black


  • Include everything you need to get started. Great kit for both starter and professional tailor
  • Comes with 375 sets of Size 20 (T5) plastic snap buttons in 24 different colors
  • Pliers can work with 16, 20 and 24 snap, which is also displayed as T3, T5, and T8. You'll love the ease and convenience of these pliers. It only takes a few seconds to install a snap
  • Snaps aren't just for clothing or diapers. Use them to make wallets, add them to towels to keep them from falling off the rack, make no-sew pacifier clip ribbon holders, put them on mittens or socks to keep them from disappearing, create cinch belts, etc -- the possibilities are truly endless
  • Back by LIHAO hassle free lifetime warranty

Details: About Snaps: Shape: round Material: plastic Button size: 1.2 cm About Snap Pliers Set: Pliers can be used with T3, T5, T8 Buttons Awl to poke holes in your fabric for easier snap placement How to Install plastic snaps with the press pliers 1. For each snap, you wil need two caps, one socket and one stud. 2. Make sure your pliers match the size of the snaps you plan to fasten. 3. Choose your spot to install the snap and stick your awl into your fabric to create a small hole. 4. Insert one cap and one socket into the pliers and line up with the hole you made with your awl. Repeat this step with one cap and one stud where you plan to install the other side of your snap. 5. Squeeze together a cap+socket AND THEN a cap+stud. 6. Once you have each side of your snap installed, the socket and stud will click together! If either side feels loose, simply set the one side of the snap in the pliers again and squeeze. Package Includes: 1 x 360 Sets of T5 Snap Buttons(+ 15 Set Black Snaps) 1 x Snap Press Pliers Set 1 x 12 Sewing Clips

Package Dimensions: 7.7 x 5.2 x 2.6 inches

Binding: Kitchen