LifeSpan Fitness TR800-DT7 Treadmill Desk with Electronic Adjustable Frame & 48' Rounded Corner Desktop | Perfect for Work or Home Office (Silver Frame/Maple Desk) - Cyburthur Stores - LifeSpan Fitness
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Product Description

Brand: LifeSpan Fitness

Color: Silver Frame/Maple Desk


  • WALK WHILE YOU WORK - The TR800-DT7 Quiet 2 HP Commercial Motor, 6 Impact-Absorbing Shocks Dampen Walking Noise, Supports Up to 220 lbs. Modern design and durable construction makes the TR800-DT7 ideal for working from home, or office. The treadmill base is a compact size of 60.5" L x 26" W to fit into home office spaces while still providing plenty of room to walk comfortably.
  • MODERN DESIGN - The TR800-DT7 comes in a rounded corner desktop and either a silver or charcoal frame providing a modern & clean look to match your office, or home office style. The desk is electronically adjustable so you can raise the height of the desk in seconds.
  • SLEEK DESIGN CONSOLE & TREADMILL - Console Readout: Distance traveled, calories burned, time and step count. Intelli-Step Step counting feature works like a pedometer and counts your steps while you walk. Intelli-Guard Automatically pauses the treadmill belt when you step off, minimizing the risk of injury. The sleek design and discrete cord placements make it functional and aesthetically pleasing for your office & home.
  • PERFECT FOR THE HOME OR OFFICE - The TR800-DT7 is a walking treadmill great for individuals who want to create the perfect office setup. Easily rotate between sitting, standing or walking throughout the day by raising or lowering your desk height with the touch of a button. Portable wheels for lightweight mobility providing space saving and storable versatility.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - DIMENSIONS: Treadmill 60.5" L x 26" W x 6.5" H, Assembled Desk: 68.5" D x 48" W - STEP-UP HEIGHT: Belt: 3.75" Side Rails: 4.25" - DRIVE MOTOR: 2 HP High Torque Continuous Duty DC - SPEED: 0.4 - 4.0 MPH (Max. Speed Can Be Set to 2.0 MPH if Desired) - DECK SUSPENSION: 6 Independent Compression Shocks - DECK: 3/4" Phenolic Deck - SIDE RAILS: Non-Slip Plastic - DESK HEIGHT MEMORY: 2 Presets

Details: The TR800-DT7 is our light-use treadmill desk built for individuals or small groups looking to walk and work. The natural bamboo desktop and frame lets you easily and conveniently adjust the desktop height with its electric height adjustment and includes memory support for two user settings. The console is integrated directly within the armrest of the standing desk, providing all the activity feedback you desire, including readouts for steps, walking time, distance, calories, and speed. The dependable walking surface is equipped with six impact-absorbing compression shocks, supporting users up to 220-pounds. Quiet operation lets you stay respectful of coworkers while you walk for miles each day without impacting office productivity.