LED Garage Lights 60W Deformable Garage Ceiling Lighting E26 6000LM Daylight LED Light Bulbs Adjustable Led Shop Lights Super Bright Working Light Garage Workshop Barn Warehouse Basement (60W-1Pack)
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Product Description


Details: Why are LEDs Better? Super Energy Efficient.Old incandescent lights averaged about 8-10 lumens to the watt.So a 100 watt bulb had about 800-1000 lumens.CFLs got to about 60 lumens to the watts and LED Light Bulbs can get over 100 lumens to the watt.So you can replace that same 100 watt bulb with just 10-14 watts.Save up to 80% on energy costs. No Mercury.CFLS require mercury to work.If that bulb breaks or leaks, that mercury can be toxic.LEDs require no mercury and have no toxic substances. No UV.CFLs emit large amounts of harmful ultraviolet rays.Not only are those rays known to cause cancer, but they also fade and weak everything in the room.Harmful to the eyes. Long life. 50,000 hour lifespan. Specification Color Temperature:White(6500K) Led Qty:235 Output:60W Brightness:6000LM Input Voltage:85~265V AC Color Rendering Index (CRI):80+ Adjustable Angle:90° Life Span:50,000 hours Material:Aluminum & Plastic Note Indoor use only. High brightness, do not stare at it for long time.

EAN: 7082146787017

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 7.4 x 4.6 inches