Led Garage Light 2 Pack Deformable 100W LED Garage Ceiling Light for Garage Light bulb Led Light Socket Garage Lighting Garage Light with 5 Adjustable Panels Ceiling Led 10000LM Tribright Garage Light
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Product Description

Brand: Fimilo

Color: Black


  • 【10000 Lumens Ultra Bright】The 100W led garage lighting for workshop basement is equipped with 135 high-quality lamp beads which has 10000 lumens and 6500K daylight light source plus the 80+ CRI. So the 2 pack led garage lights will lit up your place like a sun! It is 2-times brighter than the conventional 60W tribright garage light. Every detail even a pin you can find out easily, ceiling lights for garage provide a whole new place for you!
  • 【5+1 Adjustable Ceiling Garage Led Light】 You can adjust the direction of deformable LED panel from 0-90 degrees, making the garage lighting reach every corner or point toward the area you want to see. This will make the LED light fixtures cover 360° area.The fixed middle light that points straight down allowing you to adjust 5 leaf panels without worrying about leaving a dark spot below the garage light fixture. That is the 5+1 LED garage ceiling lights! Super great bright light for you!
  • 【Garage Light Easy to install&Wide application】 Do I need install any new lighting fixture for use? No need, the deformable LED garage lights are compatible with the E26 / E27 led light socket, just screw the led shop light in existing fixture of regular light bulb. It’s convenient to move the utra bright garage light for wherever they need. LED garage lights are ideal for garage,warehouse,basement,shop,workshop and other areas that require extensive lighting. Enjoy 10000lm super bright light!
  • 【What You Get】Quality, integrity and first-class customer service is why we have so many returning customers of garage light & led basement lights & workbench light. Standard ETL certification is more quality assured. Garage lights ceiling led 2 pack for 3-Year. You can save a lot of money! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will reply to you within 24 hours! 100% money back or replacement of high-quality illuminator 360 garage light. Please buy with no worries!
  • 【Advantage Over Other Lights】Normally there are three main types of led lighting for your choices: LED shop light, bulbs and low bay light.However, the shop light and low bay light seem not easy to install and the cost performance not high, most importantly, the bulbs can hardly offer enough luminous flux, which indicates a dim environment will hurt your eyes and let people feel upset.
  • 【Wide Applications】Great for crowded places such as supermarket, school, hospital and car shop. It is also very suitable for leisure places, such as dining room, recreation room, attic, laundry room. Best suited for dark places such as large garage, basement, driveway, warehouse, barn, workshop, storeroom, barn, equipment room, carport.
  • 【NOTE】☞ Please note that the deformable 100W LED garage ceiling lightsuitable for indoor use. ☞ Please don't touch the light panel after long time lighting.

EAN: 7780931549597

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 5.2 x 4.4 inches