LED Garage Light 2 Pack 5 Leaf 10000LM Bright Deformable LED Garage Lights 100W Bright Light Bulb Powerful Garage Lights Ceiling LED Light Bulb E26 Garage Light Tribright for Garage, Basement, Barn
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Product Description

Brand: Amiluo

Color: Black


  • 【Super Bright 100W 5+1 Panels LED Garage Lights】If you are seeking a bright garage light that is more energy-saving than fluorescent and other lights, then you will enjoy this light. It's an E26 light socket compatible garage light that comes with up to 72 separate pieces, with each panel producing up to 2000 lumens of light. Except that, 6500k lights bathe your garage in a natural glow that is vision friendly, without glare and dazzling
  • 【 Easy to Install without Needing Tools】 Different from other lights that need a lot of tools to finish the installation, Ceshu garage lights are super easy to install. With help of the E26 screw base, you can install or replace garage lights easily, just like screw a traditional light bulb. Screwing out your dim light now and screw in this bright garage light to enjoy a bright world.We provide a 3-year's wa-r*nty, If you have any questions, please email us via Amazon, Worth every penny.
  • 【 More Energy Saving than Traditional Bulb】 LED garage lights can be 7.5 times as bright as traditional light bulb although light bulb consumes same power source. So, it is time to upgrade your garage light bulbs to save your power bill and enjoy 10000lm bright light
  • 【Adjustable Garage Lighting Panels】Unlike other fixed garage lights, we upgrade garage light with the adjustable feature, this LED garage lights can adjust lighting panels up and down to whatever angle you desire. Therefore, you can light up the usually dark corners of your garage without plenty of fuss
  • 【 High Quality 50,000 Working Hours Garage Lights】 Bright is an important factor to a garage light, the quality is another important factor. This garage light is more safe and durable, high-quality 72pcs 2835 LED beads have a longer working time than other LEDs with the same brightness, except that, 3 panels are more efficient than other bulbs on heat dissipation and thus has a longer service life. Have a high-quality garage light and reduce money on replace-ment

Details: 🔥🔥Limited Time Deals 🍉🍉just Need $29.98 😍😍😍🌟The Best Garage Lighting for the Home 💥💥Gone are the days of incandescent bulbs. The best garage lighting will transform a dark space with potential hazards into a safer, brighter environment you can feel comfortable working in. 🌟While choosing the best garage lighting, keep these important factors in mind. ☀☀Color Temperature: Color temperature refers to the color the light produces and is measured on a Kelvin scale. Temperatures range between 3500K and 6000K. The color temperature of Amiluo is 6000K, Super bright! Choose the color temperature that works best for you. 🔋🔋Energy Efficiency & Longevity An LED bulb can last 25 to 30 times longer than an incandescent, all the while reducing the amount of energy consumed. Compared to an incandescent bulb’s 1,000 hours, the reason LEDs last so much longer (over 50,000 hours) than incandescent varieties is that they don’t have a fragile filament that can break or burn up. 🔧🔧Installation and Connectivity The Easiest way to upgrade your garage lighting is with screw-in bulb replacements. ⛄⛄Climate If you live in an area that experiences bitterly cold winters and you have an unheated garage, LED bulbs are the most suitable choice. In fact, LEDs become more efficient in colder temperatures. Since they don’t need to heat up, they become bright immediately and produce consistent, energy-efficient light in very cold temperatures. ▶SPECIFICATIONS ▶Power: 100W ▶Lumens: 10000 lumens ▶Light Temperature: 6000k ▶Lighting Panels: 5 light panels are adjustable and 1 center ▶Light Directions: Adjustable ▶Input Voltage: 95-265V,50HZ ▶Working Hours: 50,000 Hours ▶PACKAGE ▶2 x 10000LM Adjustable LED Garage Light

EAN: 7780931549863

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 5.2 x 4.5 inches