KDIFIX for Adjustable Automatic Micro Irrigation Kits,Drip Irrigation,Garden Irrigation System,DIY Plant Watering System for Garden Greenhouse, Flower Bed,Patio,Lawn(30M 149PCS)
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Product Description



  • Efficient Design: There is two type of drippers, it is more efficient to care the plants. And the adjustable Water flow-Every nozzle could be adjust individually, it can meet the water demand of different plants at one time and you can adjust different dripping speed according to the different water requirements of each plant.
  • Saving Water: Save up to 70% of water compared to conventional sprays and water droplets, making your system ideal for storing water in dry conditions. No need to water your plant separately, just install this system and turn on your tap, it will water your flowers, vegetable automatically and you do not have to worry about your plans whether you are at home or not.
  • Specifications: 149PCS 30M Micro Drip Irrigation Kit Set. Product detail: 2pcs Tubing,1pc 2-way Hose splitter, 1pc quick connector,1pc Threaded faucet connector, 1pc teflon tape, 30pcs red drippers,20pcs mist nozzles,30pcs support stakes,30pcs 3-way Tee connector,2pcs end cap,20pcs 4mm falt tee connector,10pcs single connector.
  • DIY installation: Simple steps to install this micro spray watering system with user manual, no need digging or plumbing skills.
  • We will offer you three months guarantee against quality problem. All the messages will be answered within 24 hours. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.

Details: Easy To Install 1. According to the spacing between flowerpots to cut the tubing with corresponding length, if it is a vegetable field, you can make a dripper per 50-80 cm, drip irrigation can be infiltrated watering 2. Connect the tube in series with a 3-way Tee connector 3. According to the number of drippers, cut the tube about 3-6 cm to connect the dripper then connect it with the third head of 3- way Tee connector 4. fix the tube with the fixed stems. 5. Fully push the single barb into whloe tube and connect the tube with faucet Connector 6. Open the drippers firstly, then open the fauce. This is to ensure that the instant pressure of water can be distributed averagely. The kits include 2 kind of faucet connector one is faucet connector (suit for 1/2”and 3/4” threaded faucet). Another is 2-ways hose splitter (can make two tubing work at the same time.) The kits include Telfon tape, which is used to prevent falling off and leaking when you wrap a few loops of the Telfon tape around faucet and connector, then twist. Tips: Please put the hose and the connected part of the hose into the 40-60% hot water for 10 seconds before assembling. It will be easier and as it cools down the tube will stay tight. The water output of dripper is affected by water pressure and other factors. If the water pressure is low, the water output at the tail end is poor, it is recommended to use multiple tubing at the same time, and each tubing connects a certain number of drip heads according to the actual water pressure.

EAN: 6165438246032

Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.6 x 5.4 inches