JUYEER 4-Player LED DIY Arcade Kit - 4X Zero Delay LED USB Encoder + 4X 4/8 Way Joysticks + 40x 5V LED Arcade Buttons for PC, Windows, MAME, Raspberry Pi (4P-LED-KIT, Mixed Color Kit) - Cyburthur Stores - Juyeer
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Product Description

Brand: Juyeer


  • 🕹️Perfect LED illuminated parts for 4 Player Arcade MAME JAMMA and other fighting game DIY Project!
  • 🕹️100% Zero Delay USB Encoders and Perfect work for all windows systems!Each Encoder have its own USB Cable to make sure that Multiplayer can play the games in the same condition!
  • 🕹️Professional 8-way Arcade Joystick with 35MM Ball top handle! Joystick hole diameter: 24mm, LED button hole diameter: 28-30mm. The buttons are 5V LED Illuminated push buttons.
  • 🕹️Perfect LED Kit for All Windows Arcade Games PC Games DIY Project Arcade Raspberry Pi for RetroPie system MAME
  • 🕹️Made with highest quality materials! Body & lens cap for optical clarity!

Details: 🕹️ JUYEER 4 PLAYER DIY ARCADE GAME KIT Build your own arcade retro games cabinet, enjoy the fun of home game console.  🕹️ We are Updating the product: 1: New Version USB Encoder Board will help you reduce the error on the installation. 2: New Version LED Arcade Buttons make your installation supper easier! 3: New Version LED Button Wire Harness will avoid any damage. Make Your DIY Supper Easy! 🕹️ Tips for installation: 1. Plese read our user manual before starting your diy actions. 2. Connect Joystick's 5Pin cable to the 5Pin slot that opposite the USB-B terminal.  3. There is no need separate the button's functions when you connect wire to push buttons and encoder board exept you want add " Auto-Fire", " Tubro", "Clear" & " Mode" Functions.All the fight button functions can be set in MAME or RetroPie. "Auto-Fire", "Tubro","Clear" & "Mode" Functions have its own slot on the encoder board. 🕹️ Tips for New User: 1. The item need work with MAME emulator. So before your build your own project, please download one to work with the parts. 2. If you use this kit to build your own Raspberry Pi Retropie Projects. Please search the steps before your DIY. 🕹️ If you purchase one of this item,What will included in the package: ✔4x Zero Delay LED USB Encoder ✔4x USB Cable 4x 5Pin wires for Joystick ✔42x 3Pin wires for LED Push Buttons ✔40x 30mm 5V LED Push Buttons (10x Red, 10x Yellow, 10x BLUE 10x GREEN) ✔4x 5Pin 8 way joystick (1x Red, 1x Yellow, 1x Blue, 1x Green) ✔8xStickers(1 Player + 2 Player + 3 Player + 4 Player + 4x Coin) ✔An installation manual

Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.0 x 5.1 inches