HYPERLITE LED Parking Lot Lighting 150W 22,250Lm (150lm/w) 5000K UL DLC Certified IP65 Led Shoebox Light with Dusk to Dawn Photocell Single Easy Installation Slip Fitter Included
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Product Description


Color: Slip Fitter Mount


  • Bright LED Parking Lot Lighting & Energy Saving—This 150W led parking lot light with photocell use high-efficiency chips to provide 135lm/w of bright led pole light to make your parking lot, driveway, sport court, backyard and other places as bright as daylight, saving hundreds of dollars every year. Type3 distribution provides wider illumination coverage. Equipped with black shorting cap for daily use, and use blue photocell to achieve automatic lighting from dusk to dawn .
  • Time-saving and Easy Single Installation – This outdoor parking lot light 150W is equipped with a slip fitter and the slip fitter is separated from the light, which can be easily installed by a single person. Simply fix the slip fitter to the round pole, then put the light on the slip fitter and tighten the screws. Just a few simple steps to complete the installation of the led shoebox pole light.
  • Heavy Duty & Sturdy Shell – 150W led parking lights is designed with curved lines for a more harmonious and beautiful look. The use of aluminum material provides strong protection and durability for the heat while ensuring heat dissipation. The radiator adopts a hollow design to increase the heat dissipation surface, accelerate the air flow, take away more heat, protect the chip, and provide you with 50,000+ hours of long-lasting lighting service.
  • UL/DLC Certification & Easy to Get Rebate—Led parking lot light is all UL/DLC certified, making it easy to get rebate from state energy companies. Simply purchase this led shoebox pole light and get the corresponding DLC model to apply for rebate. IP65 protection level and the driver built-in 10kv lightning protection device, fully suitable for outdoor places such as squares, parking lots, driveways, sports fields.
  • Reliable 5-year Warranty & Professional Service - Hyperlite promises that all led parking lot lights are returned free of charge within 30 days, and provides 5 years reliable warranty. Hyperlite insists on putting products and customers first! If you have any questions about lamp selection, lighting layout, after-sales, etc. For example, DIALux lighting layout service, just click "contact us" to send a message to us, we will make the lighting layout for you according to your requirements.

Details: The newly launched Hyperlite Ares led parking lot light design uses smooth curved lines to inspire harmony and beauty. Equipped with shorting cap, photocell and slip fitter, meet your led pole light needs in one step. Single Person Easy Installation led parking lights are designed to be separated from the bracket for easy installation by one person. Just need two steps, first put the slip fitter on the round rod, fix it with screws, then install the outdoor parking lot light. This slip fitter suitable for round pole of 2.5’’ and blow. Product Details Power:150W System Efficacy: 135lm/w CCT: 5000K CRI: 70Ra Input Voltage: AC 100-277V Beam Angle: Type III Mount: Slip Fitter ( Round Pole of 2.5’’ and blow) Order Included 1pcs x 150W led parking lot light 1pcs x shorting cap 1pcs x photocell 1pcs x slip fitter(NOTE:Suitable for Round Pole of 2.5’’ and blow) Scratching your head as to how many lights you actually need? Worried about the best layout to illuminate your space? Here at Hyperlite we’ll help you solve your problems! Feel free to contact us and provide us with the necessary information, we’ll help you with a professional lighting simulation service so you know exactly how much you need, and how much it’ll cost you! Don’t trouble yourself , just contact with us. Buy it NOW, enjoy the bright lighting!

EAN: 0754111159330

Package Dimensions: 28.9 x 13.2 x 6.5 inches