Hunter 9 Volt DC Latching Solenoid 458200
$46.49 $63.99
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Product Description



  • Replacement solenoid for Hunter 9V Battery powered controllers
  • Hunter 9V DC Latching Solenoid can replace existing Hunter AC Solenoids to convert valves to DC latch
  • The unit's solid construction and waterproof exterior ensure it can handle the harsh environment of a valve box
  • Works with all Hunter Valves
  • ***DOES NOT come with Unrelated Marketing Trinket***

Details: Hunter 9V DC Latched Solenoids are used for battery-operated timers, like the NODE, SRV, WVC and XCH. The DC solenoid is used instead of the 24V standard solenoids because the battery-operated controller sends a DC pulse to operate the solenoid. The DC latching solenoid will have on black wire for the common wire and one red wire for the station wire, instead of two red wires. It is important that the wires are connected correctly for proper operation. The black wire is connected to the C or COM (common) terminal inside inside the controller, and the red wire connected to the appropriate station terminal. The DC Solenoids replace the standard AC solenoids that come on a Hunter valve. The DC solenoid is designed to fit on all Hunter Plastic Valves.

EAN: 0740999963022