Humview Ergonomic Office Swivel Chair, New in 2021 with 4D Adjustable armrests, 3D Lumbar Support mesh Computer Chair, Gaming Chair, Advanced Swivel Chair (Black) - Cyburthur Stores - Humview
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Product Description

Brand: Humview

Color: Black


  • Fit your life: 4D adjustable armrests (front and rear, left and right, up and down, panning), new function adjustable seat to provide a more spacious seat, backrest 4-level adjustment system 135 degree rear tilt, smooth hydraulic lifting, 5-point base with double Casters
  • Work and play easily: The mesh headrest can be adjusted up and down, while the 4D adjustment arm can be adjusted forward, backward, sideways, and up and down to fit the body. The 4D adjustable lumbar support can wrap your back, and the seat can be raised and lowered to create a customized and comfortable office or before the game!
  • A more comfortable office chair: Our breathable can provide the best air circulation, avoid sweating and sticking. Upgrade the seat material to provide a more comfortable seat. Even forget work.
  • Key point: Our 5-point base with double casters provides higher stability and strength than ordinary 4-point single-leg wheelchairs. Our iron base makes this heavy duty office chair ideal for adults weighing under 300 pounds.
  • Rest recliner: sit-ups, because you can tilt 135°, and have 4 levels of adjustment angles, which can be adjusted according to your comfort, so that you can perfectly adapt to the next task, or just relax and rest. Appreciate that you are looking for such an excellent The cleverness of the ergonomic chair. Feel the difference it brings to your life.

Details: Ergonomic Office Chair-Roller tables and chairs with 4D adjustable armrests, 3D lumbar support-Mesh computer chairs, gaming chairs, advanced swivel chairs

Package Dimensions: 28.0 x 25.2 x 14.4 inches