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Product Description



  • [Sturdy Structure] X-shaped geometric bracket, supporting load-bearing design, thickened steel pipe, strong and durable, stable and reliable, modern and simple appearance coupled with high-quality desktop and sturdy metal frame, make the bookshelf perfect in your home. The thoughtful and sleek table corner design protects you and your family at all times.
  • [Installation-Free, Foldable and Portable] This computer desk does not need to be installed, does not require complicated installation, and is more convenient to use. Because it is a foldable design, it is easy to be picked up by one person. It can be folded freely and is ideal for saving space in offices, bedrooms or personal areas, while still providing stability. Better support for desktops and technical support.
  • [Large Size and Ample Space] Large space, large capacity storage. Removable book shelf baffle. It can be used as a table and can be used as a shelf or as a baffle. Freely place your own convenient items. The space-saving design provides style and function. The desk provides plenty of space for the use of laptops. Support computer monitors and peripherals, writing, drawing, etc.
  • [Modern Design] Solid desk, elegant design. The thick metal frame and additional metal brackets ensure stability. The rounded corners are safe. Life is design, design is life, with its own portable function design. The large desktop can be placed on photos, notebooks, potted plants, etc. It is stable and reliable and can be used with confidence.
  • [Multifunctional and practical desk] Made of MDF and steel frame, it is strong and reliable. There is plenty of legroom for easy rest and storage. It can be used to place computers, books, alarm clocks and other daily necessities or work supplies. The modern and concise appearance coupled with the high-quality desktop and strong metal frame make the desk perfect for your home. With the folding design, you can fold or unfold in a few seconds, without assembly, and only occupy a small space.

Details: The simple appearance will not be too obtrusive no matter where it is placed. It can be perfectly integrated into the home. It can be placed in your home, study, living room, bedroom, office, etc. It can become your ideal workplace. Ideal Furniture. No need to assemble, the foldable table eliminates the trouble of assembly. When you don’t want to use it, you can fold it up and place it in a quiet corner without taking up too much space. And if you want to go out to sketch. It can also be placed in the trunk of the car for camping and picnic, and it can be taken out when used. Simple and portable. Sturdy and secure. Supported by MDF and X steel frame to ensure the firmness and stability of the table. It also ensures the smooth lines and aesthetics of the table.

Package Dimensions: 44.9 x 35.0 x 2.8 inches