Holographic Vinyl Rose Gold Permanent Vinyl 8 Pack Craft Adhesive Vinyl Sheets for Cricut - 6 Rose Gold Vinyl Sheets & 2 Vinyl Transfer Tape 12"12" Craft Vinyl for Cup Decor,Party Decoration, Sticker
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Product Description


Color: Rose Gold


  • 🎀BEAUTIFUL COLOR🎀: Rose gold is a special color, it is the dream color of all girls. In this set, we have selected 6 different rose gold colors that can show the rose gold color on the market,including: mermaid rose gold, beads rose gold, satin metallic rose gold, mirror chrome rose gold, starlight brushed rose gold, holographic rainbow rose gold. The choose of this set will definitely satisfy your rose gold dream.
  • 🎀MYSTERIOUS VINYL🎀: Rose gold products are always beautiful. This rose gold vinyl set uses six different materials of rose gold, each of which can reflect different colors. Like a rainbow in rose gold vinyl, which are mysterious and romantic. Using it on your work will surely make your project shining, and it will be easy to attract the attention of people.
  • 🎀BEST FOR YOU🎀: The six materials rose gold vinyl selected in this set are carefully screened and tested by us. They are well used in cutting tools such as silhouette & cameo, and cricut, including cutting tools such as scissors, utility knife, etc. Liner is the good quality PVC material,which can protect the vinyl. Some products such as mirror rose gold also have a clear protective film to prevent vinyl from getting scratches.
  • 🎀EASY TO USE🎀: These rose gold vinyls are very easy to use, which is easy to cut into the pattern you want,bigger or delicate .It is very easy to weed 、 stick firmly and it is waterproof & does not fade.
  • 🎀EASY TO USE🎀: the cut line of rose gold permanent vinyl is clear,everyone can remove the excess along the line very quickly and efficiently.All this vinyl use PET release paper which is easier to weeding.
  • 🎀SUPPORTING🎀:holographic vinyl compatible with most Craft Cutters, Die Cutters(rose gold vinyl for cricut,for CAMEO and etc.), Sign Plotters for art, craft and hobby use.
  • 🎀SERVICE🎀: We are committed to good product quality and service. We hope you won't have any problems.But kindly don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concern about GIRAFVINYL vinyl, we will assist you all the time.

Details: Holographic Rose Gold Adhesive Precut Vinyl Sheets → 12in. x 12in. (30 x 30cm) per sheets → Set 1 degree blade depth we tested. → Recommend to use with adhesive cutting mat/weeding tools/transfer paper for help(EXCLUDED IN PACKAGE) → Just recommend to use for clean/dry/flat/no texture surface. → Ideal for hand craft, home decor, signs, banners, wall decals, window decals, scrapbooking decoration. → Compatible with most of cuting machines such as craft cutters, die cutters, sign plotters for art, craft and hobby use. How to Do It 1. Clean Surface - prepare your target surface clean and dry, the smoother the surface the easier to transfer the vinyl. 2. Design with cutter - put on a cutting mat that has a sticky back and kiss-cut the design by cutting machines. 3. Weeding the excess vinyl - leave the letters/graphics on the sheet with weeding tools. 4. Apply the transfer paper - gently put a transfer paper on the surface of the cut vinyl. Use a scraper over the design and make sure the transfer tape is adhering to the vinyl nice and tight. 5. Adhere it to the new clean and dry flat surface - slowly work with delicate patterns. 6. Remove Transfer paper - rub the clear tape from the center out to adhere the vinyl securely. Notice: A TEST CUT IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED. NOT heat transfer vinyl/NOT printable vinyl/NOT work with inkjet or laser printers. Please note that colors appear slightly different on computer monitors.

EAN: 0782855505052

Package Dimensions: 12.9 x 12.9 x 0.3 inches

Binding: Office Product