Future Make Polyes Q1 UV Light 3D Printing Pen, World's First Resin Pen, 100%...
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Product Description

Details: Polyes Q1 | The Safest, Cool-Ink 3D Printing Pen Future Make Technology is a 3D printing start-up in Delaware USA. We are a group of science and technology enthusiasts aiming to invent various fancy things to make our daily life interesting. We are Future Make Team; we have excellent designers and applicable 3D technic; we are straight-forward to make Polyes the first child-safe 3D printing pen on the market. Polyes Q1 has all the capabilities of 3D printing pens without the pitfalls. From the totally safe and cool nozzle to sleek, optimally-proportioned white body, the pen is as easy to use as it is versatile. The future made possible with Polyes Q1, being the world’s first resin light curing 3D pen, it is safe and environmentally friendly. The 3D pen has a child safety lock and inbuilt battery so you can design on the go, without the restriction of wires. Make anything possible with the amazing range of colours, and the ability to interchange them has never been easier with the removable ink cartridges. Now you don’t have to worry about the high temperatures as Polyes Q1 uses cool ink, avoiding unpleasant odors and overheating.Flexibility and ease of use in switching between the different modes.Portability and USB charge ensures convenience without the hassle and potential dangers of cord Specification: Product Size: 224*40*26mm Package Size: 245*130*50mm Net Weight: 160g Package Weight: 600g Best Working Temperature: 10C-30C Best Working Humidity: (35-38)%RH Power Supply Voltage: (3.7+-0.5)VDC Working Current: 1.4A Usage Time: 1.5-2 hours Charging Time? 2.5 hours Laser Power: 100mW Max Consumption: 5.5W Working Life?2 years?under suitable environment) Storage Life: 5 years(under suitable environment) Color Options: White,Green,Blue,Red,Yellow

EAN: 6088617457619

Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.9 x 0.5 inches

Binding: Kitchen