Fuse Beads Set - Complete Craft Package for Beading, 3D Art Projects, Decorative Accessories - Comes with 9600 Beads, 10 Pegboards, 4 Tweezers, 4 Iron Papers, 30 Rings, 1 Pattern Booklet and 4 Ropes
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Product Description

Brand: TE SIER


  • CREATE EYE-CATCHING ART - Get imaginative and creative with our complete fuse beads bundle. It comes with 9600 beads, 10 pegboards, and other essentials for a fun-filled craft time.
  • CRAFTING MADE EASY - Don't know what to create or where to start? No worries-we included a pattern booklet to get your creative juices flowing. We also arranged the beads by color for convenience.
  • LONG-LASTING BEADS - Enjoy your colorful 3D art projects for years to come by using our craft set. Each component is made from durable parts, making sure they’re strong against wear and tear.
  • FUN & EXCITING GIFT IDEA - Searching for an awesome present for someone who’s fond of arts and crafts? Get them this perler beads package. It’s a terrific choice for birthdays and holidays.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - This beads set was thoughtfully put together for your crafting pleasure, so we’re certain you’ll love it. But in case you’re not happy with it, contact us.

Details: Max. 2000 Bytes, spaces and HTML codes included. Need to find a complete fuse beads package for your next crafting session? Making decorative and memorable art pieces with perler beads is always a delightful experience. The artistic possibilities are just endless with the multi-colored materials, so you never get sick of using them. Since you’re determined to really master the art of fuse beading, you’re looking for a bundle that comes with all necessary tools and accessories. Well, look no further: this all-in-one crafting package lets you create anything you can imagine. Make beaded masterpieces with our Fuse Beads Set. Ever wished to create visually appealing 3D art decorations with beads? Or, are you looking for a unique way to express your creativity? If you said yes to both or one of the questions, then you need to get your hands on our perler beads package! Each art time bundle comes with 9600 beads in 36 different colors (6 glow in the dark colors). Aside from that, you’ll also get 6 shape pegboards with 5 patterns, a pattern booklet, 2 large interlocking square pegboards, a hexagon pegboard, a circle pegboard, 4 tweezers, 4 iron papers, 20 iron rings, 5 silver key rings, 5 gold key rings, and 4 ropes. Now, all you need is a compatible iron and lots of ideas to get started! Family members and friends who like tinkering with beads will definitely appreciate this beautifully packaged crafting bundle. So if you’re looking a sweet and awesome gift for a loved one, choose our fuse beads set! Need more reasons to get this complete fuse beads package for adults and children? Check out these benefits: ✅ Comes with cool patterns like Owl and Reindeer ✅ Beads are sorted by color in a handy container ✅ Colors stay vivid and vibrant for years to come! Bring life and color to your ideas, one bead at a time. Add the Fuse Beads to your cart TODAY!

Package Dimensions: 14.7 x 11.5 x 3.4 inches