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Dynasty Warriors 2

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Product Description

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  • Plunge into battle as one of nine devastatingly fierce soldiers and battle hordes of enemies on foot and on horseback.
  • Join the ranks of the heroes of old in your quest for the greatest prize of all - the right to control all of China.
  • Features include environmental battlefields based on historically accurate locales, upgradeable weaponry and characters, and various full motion video cut scenes.

Details: Product description The Romance of the Three Kingdoms comes to life in Dynasty Warriors 2. As a general in second-century China, you must lead your troops into epic battles against thousands of warriors. On horseback or on foot, you'll use various weapons and combo attacks to forge a path into enemy lines and scatter all who dare stand in your path. Strategic planning is key to victory, as enemies can attack from all sides and when you least expect it. Review When Kessen displays thousands of soldiers fighting onscreen, it's not uncommon to wish that you could go down onto the battlefield and actually fight in the battle.Koei seems to have answered that wish with its second PlayStation 2 release, Dynasty Warriors 2. The original Dynasty Warriors is a fighting game for the PlayStation, but the sequel offers a mixed collection of action and strategy-simulation elements. Dynasty Warriors 2 is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, in which three kingdoms - Wei, Wu, and Shu - battle each other in China during the second century. Much like in Sega's Spikeout and Yukes' Sword of the Berserk, you'll control a character in a fight against thousands of enemies in a 3D polygonal environment. Initially, you will be able to choose from one of nine characters (three from each kingdom) who all serve as the leading generals of their respective kingdoms. You can unlock about a dozen playable characters upon finishing the game. The health, attack, and defense parameters of each character vary at the start of the game, but ultimately the range of attack (determined by the different weapons) and the fighting style are the only things that differ. The control scheme is straightforward, consisting of jump, attack, and Musou (special attack) buttons. Tapping the attack button two times allows for air combos, three times to stun enemies, and four times for a chain combo. The L1 button is also helpful, since it allows for blocking, strafing, and immediately changing the camera angle to match the direction your player is facing. You can also switch to first-person mode to shoot arrows, which is a handy technique for attacking enemies from a safe distance. At the beginning of every stage, a map of the battlefield is displayed with the locations and quantities of troops from your kingdom's battalion, as well as those of the enemy. A little bit of strategy helps in playing the game, but as your level increases, you can pretty much overpower enemies all by yourself. Cutting off enemy lines to prevent them from calling in reinforcements and defeating enemy generals to decrease morale are the fastest ways to increase your level and finish the stages quickly. The game is fun and exciting when playing the first two stages, but the game's difficulty increases pretty sharply in the third stage. Luckily, in addition to the main quest mode, the game features a free mode, which lets you replay stages you've already cleared and level up your character in the process. However, the game is repetitive enough as it is, and with only five stages, it can get old fast. There is also an intro edit mode, which lets you place your favorite characters in different scenes in the opening demo, much like in Namco's Soul Calibur. While you can always find your troops in the field, it seems like your comrades just stand in one area and don't help you in battles more often than not. It's as if they are waiting for you to clear up the front line so they can position themselves further into the enemy territory. Even a simple summon command would have helped. The other concern is that enemy bosses have a tendency to cheat. After being knocked down with a chain combo, they tend to use items to replenish health or to increase attack or defense. You, however, can do that only when you pick up an item from defeated enemies or when you destroy things like crates. Despite some concerns, the game happens to be one of the most efficient among the PS2 games so far, as

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