Duorest Folding Floor Chair, Sponge Seat, Duorest System with Twin Backrests, Maintain Posture and Comfort, Ergonomic for Home and Office, Mediation Reading Gaming Stadium [Leaf Blue] - Cyburthur Stores - Duorest
$205.49 $261.99
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Product Description

Brand: Duorest

Color: Leaf Blue


  • Duorest System: Ergonomically designed twin backrests allow the spinal column to maintain its natural shape and keep the backbone free from pressure even when reclined. The backrests flexibly move independently on the X, Y and Z axes, keeping the back supported at all times.
  • Sponge Seat: Soft fabric finish with sponge seat disperses overall pressure and weight providing comfort for a long period of time.
  • Foldable Chair: The backrest can be folded for easier storage and portability. The handle on the back enhances mobility allowing users to easily carry the seat around.
  • Floor Chair for Anywhere: Use the Duoback Folding floor chair to support your back and sit comfortably on the floor wherever you are. Use the chair during sporting event, tatami, picnics, gaming, reading, meditating and more.
  • Lean Back: Folding chair will not tip backwards when the user leans back on the chair because to the structure of the design.

Package Dimensions: 22.1 x 19.1 x 5.8 inches