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Disney Mickeys Typing Adventure

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Product Description

Brand: Individual Software


  • Kids go on an exciting adventure and are taught to type with Mickey Mouse and friends!
  • Perfect for kids ages 6 to 12; 10 Custom Typing Courses for all ages and skill levels with Disney animations
  • Product is delivered in a closed factory fresh box and includes the current version and unused activation codes
  • Free! Includes a one-year subscription to Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Web
  • Typing Instructor and Disney are registered trademarks & box images and screenshots are copyrights of the Publisher, Individual Software Inc.

Format: DVD-ROM

Details: Product Description Kids get to be the hero and rescue Mickey Mouse and friends from a mysterious enchantment in Typelandia. They learn all of the keys on the keyboard as they type around Typelandia and free characters from the enchantment on their way to the Palace. Once they reach the Palace, they enjoy more activities and typing games. From the Manufacturer Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends Kids are taught to type with Mickey Mouse and friends on an exciting adventure in Typelandia. They are taught all keyboard basics following an age-appropriate Typing Course. Step-by-step lessons, challenges, games, and an exciting Mickey Mouse Enchantment Story motivate kids to keep typing their way around Typelandia to free Mickey’s friends from a strange enchantment and reach the Palace and become the Hero! Animations with your Favorite Disney Characters! Typelandia is full of exciting animations of Mickey Mouse and friends. Kids will be delighted with Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Daisy in the Garden, Donald at the Cottage, Minnie at the Wishing Well, Pluto at the Big Tree, Goofy at the Mine, and more! Motivating Enchantment Theme—Help Mickey’s Friends and Be the Hero There are strange things happening in Typelandia. A mysterious magical spell is causing all kinds of problems. Daisy was in the Garden and Minnie was at the Wishing Well when something went wrong. Mickey’s friends are in trouble and they need your help! Use the keyboard to type your way around Typelandia. As you learn to type, the keyboard magic will free Mickey’s friends from the strange enchantment. You are the hero—Mickey’s friends are counting on you to help them! Typelandia is an Exciting Place to Learn to Type Typelandia is an exciting place to learn to type. Kids begin their adventure at the Village where they can visit Ye Old Magic Shoppe, the Arcade, the Library, and the Academy. Proven Educational Design Mickey’s Typing Adventure has a proven educational design* that teaches kids all of the letters on the keyboard as they type their way to each exciting destination in Typelandia. They will be taught proper typing posture and finger placement following one of 10 Typing Courses for their age and skill level. When they pass the lessons and challenges in each destination in Typelandia at proficient speed and accuracy they become touch-typists. Instant Results Give Kids Incentive to Improve Keyboarding Skills Kids get instant feedback on their typing results. They can see how they did on a lesson, challenge, or game right away. They receive information on each of the following. All results are printable. Word per minute (WPM) scores and accuracy percentages The results from all typing activities Their performance results for key, finger, hand, and row Creative Lessons and Exercises Help Kids Learn to Type Step-by-Step Typing Instruction is provided, including proper posture, finger position, and ergonomic features. Visual Guides show finger/key placement. Practice, Practice, Practice Typelandia is a fun place to practice typing. Kids reinforce finger-to-key memory skills by playing typing games in the Arcade with just the keys they have learned. When they learn the entire keyboard they can practice typing passages from their favorite Disney Stories. Practice Typing Passages from 10 Disney Stories Pinocchio Princess and the Frog The Little Mermaid Tangled Beauty and the Beast Cinderella Aladdin The Lion King Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The Jungle Book The Features of Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Customized Typing Courses Choose from over 10 customized Typing Courses for specific ages and skill levels Learning the Home Row Home Row and Upper Row Home Row and Lower Row Ages 7-8 Ages 9-10 Games Course Skill Building Course Suggested Typing Course (no games) Suggested Typing Course Numeric Keypad Course Lessons Structured 160 Lessons Proven methods for skill-building Age-appropriate content Gu

Release Date: 04-12-2012

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.4 x 1.7 inches

Languages: English

Binding: CD-ROM