Diamond Painting Kits for Adults & Kids - DIY Hogwarts Badge 5D Diamond Art Painting by Number Kits, Adults' Paint by Diamond Kits (12” x 16”)
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Product Description

Brand: Imarisha

Color: Hogwarts-1


  • Diamond Painting Material - The Diamond Painting Kit is made with eco-friendly and high clear printed canvas, which is waterproof, good texture and not easy to fold. With environmental hot melt adhesive paste, the diamonds are with strong viscosity, not easy to fall off. 5D diamond painting can be preserved for many years.
  • 5D Diamond Painting - 5D diamond painting means that the drills have five facets, as each facet reflects off the light falling on it, the more facets there are will make the drill sparkle brighter. A five-faceted drill gives off a more sparkly finish to the painting, hence enhancing the beauty of your very own diamond painting!
  • Full Drill Kits - In full drill kits, diamonds cover the entire painting. Full drill kits have canvases that are covered entirely with adhesive, which makes them a tad bit difficult to handle as the process is long and tiring. Full drill kits are better suited for people who are well-acquainted with partial drill kits.
  • Diamond Painting Accessories - The diamond painting kits include - 1) Resin diamonds in the required colors. We make sure to include extra diamonds in our kits so you never run out of your favorite color while painting. 2) A plastic tray to hold the diamonds. 3) A diamond painting pen tool to pick up diamonds. 4) Glue or wax to insert in the pen tool.
  • Gifting your Diamond Paintings - A diamond painting kit is certainly more than just hours of enjoyment from a craft. Whether you choose to give a finished diamond painting as a gift or present a loved one with the opportunity to do it themselves, it is surely a gift to be treasured and loved for many years to come.

Details: Diamond painting is an easy and enjoyable activity for adults and kids. Based on the same concept as mosaics and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting uses tiny “diamond”-like facets to create colorful designs and patterns for finished designs that sparkle. You can create your own masterpiece in a fun, easy, relaxing way. Study says it relieves stress and anxiety by being creative.   Specification Material: Resin beads+Canvas Item type: 5D Diamond painting Color: As picture shows Canvas Size: Approx.12” x 16" /30 x 40cm Cube Diamond Size: 0.1inch Room: Living Room/Bedroom/Study Room/ Entrance   Package include 1 x Painting canvas Colorful magic cube diamonds 1 x Painting pen 1 x Cube diamond tray 1 x Painting mud/clay   DIY STEPS 1.Take out the diamond kits and check them are complete. 2.Apply appropriate clay to the pen point,uncover part of the protective film on canvas (Note: only need lift a small part of the protective film, In order to avoid other regional sticky dust affect the bonding effect) 3.Find the corresponding diamond bag according to the numbers or letters and put the diamonds into the tray and shake 4.Use the pen point to adsorb diamond and paste it to the canvas's corresponding grid(according serial number) 5.Use a book to press diamonds on the canvas to make them more fixed 6.Finally, roll up the diamond painting toward the outside to preserve.   Notes 1. The product not included the frame. It is just a rolled canvas. Please frame it by glasses or wooden and hang in your home as for decoration adornments 2. Try to make the kids leave the diamonds can be easily accessible place. Avoid being swallowed.

EAN: 0782942408686

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 8.4 x 0.8 inches